Eaves Windows

IQ Glass can design specialist Eaves Windows to suit your project. 3D structural glass roof lights, perfect for smaller roof lights to allow more light in or to match an existing roof line.


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Eaves Windows

Where a vertical panel of glass and horizontal glass panel are to meet IQ Glass can create bespoke and complex structural glass Eaves Windows to all manner of sizes and configurations

Using specialised strengthening interlayers within the vertical glass these clear panels of glass can effectively carry the load of the above glass unit, creating a glass boxed rooflight with no visible supports of frame.

Where the glass units meet at the horizontal connection the only sightline on view will be the spacer bars of the highly insulated glass units and a slim structural silicone seal, effectively weather sealing and adhering this glass to glass connection.

Depending on the slope of the horizontal element of the Eaves Window IQ Glass can design a small and discrete drip off ledge to the glass, draining water away from the surface of the vertical panel to reduce water marks and pooling.

Structural Glass Supports

If the glass slope is directed back towards the connected building a specialised structural gutter can be utilised to drain water away, connect the Eaves Window to the building and support the building edge of this structural glass rooflight.

The structural glass assembly can be made from multiple glass panels for extremely long Eaves Windows. If the Eaves Window width is below 1.3m then no visible supports will be needed to the horizontal roof panel. If over 1.5m IQ Glass can design slim steel supports of near invisible glass beams to support the structural glass assembly.

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Specification Information

The structural glazing used to create eaves windows have a maximum size of 6m x 3m per glass pane. Depending on the size of the glazing and the weight, glass beams or steel sections may be necessary to provide structural support to the glass to glass connection. Glass beams or steel sections are required if the glazing is over 1.3m wide in size.

The construction and fixings used for eaves windows are all different and specific to each project. Contact IQ Glass for more information.