Curved Sliding Glass Doors

elegant curved sliding doors with slim aluminium framing profiles


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Minimal Framing, Maximum View

This innovative architectural glazing solution has an elegant design and makes new forms possible, underlines the complex design of modern buildings and living spaces.

Flexibility in design, performance and elegance were at the forefront of this systems design, offering bespoke curved sliding glass door solutions that can be manufactured to meet specified project requirements.

The combination possibilities with straight and curved minimal, fixed and sliding systems allow unusual designs to be created and provide individual creative freedom with many aesthetic possibilities, all with the same high functionality.

With high end residential projects often becoming more complex, our curved glass sliding door systems create a flowing contour without having to compromise on a modern and minimal design.

Bespoke Curved Sliding Doors

IQ’s curved sliding doors offer maximum flexibility when implementing architectural ideas, even with large dimensions. The systems can be specified as automated sliding doors and incorporate technical glazing solutions such as solar control glazing if required.

This unique sliding door system maintains a flush threshold and the ability to conceal the head and base frames within the building finishes, allowing indoor and outdoor spaces to be completely merged when the door is open.

Large curved structural glass panes and a range of slim sliding door systems are on display at the IQ Showroom. Being able to see the clear, panoramic views you get through curved glass and how smoothly our sliding door system runs along the tracks is definitely worth a trip.

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Maximum Sizes

At IQ, we pride ourselves on having very few limitations when it comes to glazing, and bespoke curved glass sliding doors are no exception.

This system pushes the boundaries on modern architectural glazing and allows large pane sizes that slide round the curved sliding door track with ease.

For larger door sizes automation may be recommended to ensure ease of operation at all times.

Min. radius: 4000 mm for sliding leaves / 1000 mm for fixed leaves

Maximum pane height: 4500 mm

Max. pane width: dependent on radius

Maximum sliding pane weight: 500 kg for double glazing / 1000 kg for triple glazing

Automation & Integration

Considering the weight of a single sliding pane can reach up to 1000kg when using triple glazing, the option of automation was a must for our curved sliding glass door system.

The innovative base detail and roller design allow the system to run smoothly and be opened with ease, however larger, heavier panes can make operation difficult.

To ensure ease of operation at all times, IQ recommends incorporating automation allowing the curved sliding door panes to be opened at the push of a button.

Our automated glazing systems can be completely integrated with smart home technology for a cohesive design between all luxury modern home elements.

Integrated drainage is also included with this sliding door system, making it suitable for projects in any location, even those with high rainfall throughout the year.

Our drainage system is adapted to the shape of the curved installation, guaranteeing exceptional water run-off and drainage.

Design Possibilities

Slim thermally broken aluminium profiles hold the curved glass into place, providing security and structure. The high performance curved sliding door system is manufactured with a low e coating as standard to ensure unparalleled performance values. 

In terms of aesthetics, the aluminium framing can be finished with a polyester powder coating in any of over 200 RAL colours, the frames can also be anodised or finished with a range of special coatings. 

This allows the system to be specified alongside other minimally framed and frameless glazing solutions from IQ, achieving a cohesive design across the home. 

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