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Exclusive Timber Windows

The Carminati Skyline window is an ultra-minimal timber framed windows from artisan joiners Carminati Serramenti. They have been sculpting bespoke joinery in Italy since 1894. The luxury timber framed window has an ultra-slim frame thanks to the strong laminated timber profiles, available in Oak or Pine.

With a total vent and frame profile of only 60mm these timber framed windows and truly one of the most minimal options available to you and offer projects an exclusive and unique design finish. Available as an inward opening casement window as well as a tilt and turn window the Carminati Skyline window range offers a broad selection of opening types to suit your project design.

Each timber window frame is made bespoke and can be stained, oiled or painted from our cultivated selection of finishes in order to achieve the required maintenance, performance and appearance.

Minimal Timber Windows

Skyline Timber Windows are highly engineered and fully tested timber windows suitable for luxury residences and commercial buildings. Available as tilt and turn windows, tilting windows or inward opening hinged windows the frames can be made in heights up to 2.8m tall. This increase height dimension allows for the creation of exclusive floor to ceiling opening windows, all with a minimal timber frame.

Externally you can hide all timber framing to create the appearance of a frameless window opening. Alternatively, you could choose aluminium external finish, an all glass external finish or leave the timber frames on show.

By using a laminated timber frame with a Uf value of as little as 1.1 W/m2K it is possible to achieve fantastic levels of thermal insulation with a bespoke minimal frame. The system can also take a triple glazed unit if required for enhanced thermal insulation.

ultra slim timber window frame

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Frame Design

The timber frame measures 60mm across both the combined vent and frame at the base, head and sides. Carminati Skyline systems also have the option of two depths for double glazing and triple glazing.

The double glazed system has a depth of 78mm and the triple glazed framing has a depth of 92mm.
Carminati Skyline windows are available in either Pine or Oak that can then be stained, oiled or painted a wide variety of finishes that are designed for your project location and to achieve your desired look. Visit the Sky House Design Centre or speak to one of our sales team for more information about our finishes.

Externally you can leave the timber exposed for an all timber frame. Alternatively you can hide the timber frame by the building finishes, clad the external in aluminium or step the glass over the frame for an all glass external face.

Glass Specification

The Carminati Skyline system is available in two depths which allows for the integration of both double and triple glazing. All glass used within the frames is toughened safety glass with a low e coating and argon gas filling. Additional glass technologies can be integrated to the glazing for improved performance. These technologies include solar control glass, low iron glass, anti-reflective glass and a whole range of decorative glasses.

The glass specification required for each timber window will be designed as per the window size and project requirements and performance. The 78mm deep frame has a maximum glass thickness of 36.5mm and the 92mm deep frame has a maximum glass thickness of 52mm.

frameless inward opening windows
bottom hung timber windows


The Carminati Skyline timber window has been fully tested and certified for weather protection, thermal insulation and security.

Air Permeability Class 4 in accordance with EN 1026 – UNI EN 12207
Water Tightness Class 9A (92mm deep system) or Class 7A (78mm deep system) in accordance with EN 1027 - UNI EN 12208
Wind Resistance Class B3 in accordance with EN 12211 – UNI EN 12210
Security Resistance Class RC2

The overall Uw value for each timber window needs to be calculated for each installation in relation to the timber used, glass specification and the size of the window.

The 78mm deep system has a Uf value of 1.3 W/m2K using a Pine frame or 1.5 W/m2K using an Oak frame. The 92mm deep system has a Uf value of 1.1 W/m2K using Pine and 1.4 W/m2K using Oak.

Maximum Window Sizes

The maximum opening size for each timber window will depend on the weight of the glass as well as the hinge option you require.

Timber windows with visible hinges have a maximum weight of 130Kg per leaf. This roughly equates to an opening window of 2600 x 1100mm when using a glass pane weighing 40Kg/m2.

If you opt for concealed hinges the maximum weight per vent is 150Kg which should offer you a window opening of 2600 x 1100mm with 50Kg/m2 of glass.

For larger timber framed windows the reinforced visible hinges have a maximum weight per vent of 220Kg which will allow you to create a minimal framed window of 2800 x 1300mm with 60Kg/m2 glass.

As these systems are bespoke engineered larger opening sizes may be possible on request.

double opening slim framed timber windows
double opening timber window with thin frames

Window Configurations

This timber window solution is an inward opening window.

The minimal framed window is available as a:

Side Hung Window

Double Opening Side Hung Windows
Tilt and Turn Window
Tilt Window

The Carminati Skyline range also includes a hinged door solution, pivoting door as well as the world’s slimmest timber framed sliding door system.


Carminati Skyline Timber Casement Windows

Carminati Skyline Timber Tilt and Turn Window

NBS - Carminati Skyline Timber Window Door 78

NBS - Carminati Skyline Timber Window Door 92