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Timber Framed Pivot Doors

The Carminati Pivoting door is the latest addition to the popular Skyline range. This timber framed window and door system from Italy offers the most elegant and minimal framing, all in engineered timber. 

The timber-framed pivot door carries on these design aesthetics for slim timber framing in oversized pivoting doors that can be up to 4m tall.

With hidden stainless steel pivoting mechanisms and unobtrusive handle designs this slim framed pivot door is a fantastic solution for modern design projects. The minimal timber frame is available in Oak or Pine, with other timber species available on request. 

From the base timber, we can stain or oil the frame in a wide range of finishes in order to get the design that is required. 

Oversized Pivot Door

By using high specification glazing and laminated, engineered timber profiles we can make these timber doors to enormous sizes. Projects have been successfully completed using these timber pivoting doors at 4.2m tall by 2m wide. 

The slim timber profiles and hidden pivoting mechanisms can easily manoeuvre panes of glass that are up to 650kg which offers excellent flexibility in the glass specification. 

Using a double glazed unit as standard the timber-framed doors are able to achieve Uw values well below 1.6 W/m2K with a Uf value of as little as 1.4 W/m2K. The system has been fully tested for wind and water resistance we as air permeability. 



Oversized Timber Framed Pivot Door

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Carminati Timber Samples

Timber Framing

The Carminati Skyline range is unique for its use of very minimal timber frame profiles. The timber used is either Oak or Pine as standard however alternative timber materials can be investigated on request. 

From the base timber material we then stain, oil or paint the timber as required. We have a large catalogue of finishing options at our showroom in Amersham for you to pick from. 

The timber pivoting door is 110mm deep and has an overall side profile of 96-99mm. The fixed element of this frame is able to be hidden/recessed within the building finishes. Please see the design details for clarification. 

At the base, you achieve a flat threshold from inside to out and a visible frame of 54mm on the pivoting door. The overall head profile is 95mm with the 45mm fixed element of the frame able to be concealed within the building finishes. 

Glass Specification

The Skyline timber pivot door is double glazed as standard with a maximum glass thickness of 38mm. We calculate the required glass specification depending on the size of the pivot door and the wind load of the project.

A typical glass specification would be 6mm TXD glass with a 16mm argon gas-filled cavity.

In addition, there are a number of further glass options available to ensure this large glass door hits all performance and appearance criteria. These include useful performance glazings like Solar Control Glass and Heated Glass to more decorative finishes like Sandblasted Glass or Anti Reflective Glass



Carminati Timber Door Pivoting Door
External Timber Pivot Door

High Performance

The timber-framed door has been fully tested for all major weather resistance categories to prove that it fully protects from the elements:

  • Air Permeability Class 4 in accordance with EN 12207
  • Water Resistance Class 5A in accordance with EN 12208
  • Resistance to Wind Load Class C3 in accordance with EN 12210
  • Security WK2

The Uf value of the timber frames is 1.4-2.1 W/m2K. We have to compute the overall Uw value depending on the glass specification and size of the installation. 

NOTE all of the above performance tests were carried out on a sample door of 1400mm wide x 2800mm tall. 


Maximum Sizes

This is a bespoke timber door solution and therefore can be made to very large sizes on request.

The largest fully tested door was 1400mm wide x 2800mm tall however successful installations have been completed with doors at much large sizes.

The recommended maximum size is 2000mm wide x 4200mm tall per door leaf. The ironmongery also has a maximum weight of 650kg per leaf.



Carminati Pivot Door


Carminati Skyline Pivot Door Product Information Sheet

Carminati Skyline Pivot Door NBS Specification


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