Carminati Skyline Lift and Slide Doors

Carminati Skyline range offers an elegant, minimal timber framed solution to high specification architectural projects where a slim timber framed door is desired.

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Slim Timber Frames

The Carminati Skyline range offers architects, specifiers and designers the chance to incorporate elegant timber framing into their architectural design.

The Skyline Lift and Slide door has a unique 37mm vertical frame and a flush base detail with patented cover over the sliding track. Available in Fir or Oak timber profiles the timber structure is laminated for unbridled strength, beautify and performance.

These timber patio doors are available in huge sizes of up to 12m2 per sliding pane and can be specified as a double glazed (78 series) or deeper triple glazed version (the 92 series).

lift and slide slim timber framed sliding glass doors
carminati patented base track

Patented Base Track

The base track of these timber sliding doors can be designed to be flush inside to outside, as with most of our sliding door systems. The Carminati Lift and Slide door, however, has a unique sliding track cover, that covers each sliding track within the floor when the doors are open. This patented detail creates a truly flush internal to external base detail with no track indents

Timber, as a naturally insulating material, creates extremely high levels of thermal insulation from both the double and triple glazed systems with Uf values as little as 1.2 W/m2K.

Available configurations are broad and are able to create large elevations of sliding glass with minimal timber framing.


The Carminati Skyline Lift and Slide Door is available in a number of configurations from a two-pane sliding door to a four pane glass elevation. These timber doors are also able to be specified as bi-parting to create larger elevations of glass.

Any fixed panels within the elevation can be designed with a matching timber profile identical to the sliding units or could be designed as frameless fixed glass panels with no visible framing.

Maximum Sizes

The Carminati Timber Sliding Doors are a fully bespoke product able to be designed and engineered to your exacting specifications. We have created a set of recommended maximum sizes that should be suitable for most project specifications. If you are looking for a timber framed sliding door to larger sizes please contact us. 

Maximum Recommended Height: 4m

Maximum Recommended Size per Pane: 12m2

Maximum Recommended Panel Weight: 1000kg (automation is required if doors weigh over 600kg)

Base Detail

As with all slim framed sliding door systems, the base detail for the Carminati Skyline system is an extremely important element of its success.

The cover plate of the sliding tracks is a patented detail, exclusive to the Carminati lift and slide door. When each sliding door is opened it brings its own cover over the recess within the floor to hide it and create a flat internal to external finish over the timber frame.

The timber sliding door is bottom hung with the weight of each sliding glass pane resting on the base installation. 

IQ have designed a series of base drainage blocks to work with the Carminati system more suited to the UK climate and weather cycle, allowing efficient water runoff and drainage capabilities. Take a look at our standard details for more information.

carminati window system on residential project

Handles and Ironmongery

The handle of this timber-framed patio door is as unique as the rest of the design. The lift and slide trust lever is stainless steel, available in a number of finishes.

Perfectly designed to sit within the minimal timber framing of the Skyline system the handle is designed with integrated magnets, allowing you to slot the handle into the door frame itself when the door is closed.

Thanks to the patented cover track the sliding tracks and wheels are never fully exposed allowing for a long life expectancy. The sliding track is available with your choice of aluminium or stainless steel and the wheels, similarly, are available in Nylon or Stainless Steel. We recommend that any installation with doors weighing over 350kg opt for the stainless steel options.


The timber lift and slide system has been fully tested for weather resistance and thermal efficiency. The sample size tested had sliding glass panels of 11.17m2.

Air Permeability Class 4 in accordance with EN 1026 – UNI EN 12207

Water Tightness Class 9A in accordance with EN 1027 – UNI EN 12208

Wind Resistance Class B3 in accordance with EN 12211 – UNI EN 12210 

The thermal performance of each installation needs to be calculated per installation. The Uf value of the frame is extremely high thanks to the laminated timber profile and differs depending on the timber type and depth. The Uf calculations were completed in accordance with UNI EN 1077-2.

Fir Frame, 78 Series 1.2 W/m2K

Fir Frame, 92 Series 1.1 W/m2K

Oak Frame, 78 Series 1.5 W/m2K

Oak Frame, 92 Series 1.4 W/m2K

Lift and Slide timber framed doors base track
Aluminium external finish on timber framed doors

Aluminium External Finish

The Carminati Timber Sliding Doors have optional external aluminium pressings to cover the slim timber framing profiles. The aluminium external finish is available to be powder coated any colour and provides a low maintenance external finish to these timber sliding doors.

An aluminium external finish may be suitable for timber doors that are in marine environments or installed in areas where the external face of the timber may be hard to reach.