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Carminati Bifold Doors

Slim Timber Bifolds

If you are looking for a slim framed bifolding door the Carminati Skyline is the slimmest option available. Made with a solid timber frame of Oak or Pine this bifold door offers a vertical junction of only 80mm.

The slim timber profile offers a beautifully natural finish for a bifolding door opening and unparalleled frame sizes. The wooden bifold frames are available in a catalogue of finishes in order to achieve the timber finish required. These range from natural oak to dark walnut to black timber.

Available in bifolding leafs up to 3m tall and 1m wide per pane. The system can be designed with up to 8 leafs sliding in one direction. For larger openings, biparting solutions are possible creating a maximum of 16 wooden bifold leafs for each door opening.

Wooden Bi-fold Doors

The Carminati Skyline Bifold is a unique system offering for a timber bifold door. Fully tested for wind, water and air permeability the bifolding door is suitable for the most prestigious of architectural designs.

With a flush and flat threshold across the base these timber bifolds are able to be folded back to completely connect internal and external spaces. Even when the panes are closed the slim surrounding frame of 37mm around each leaf offers a much more seamless division then what is able to be achieved with an aluminium bifold.

All ironmongery, wheels, rails and hinges are integrated into the timber profiles for a neat and modern timber frame.


Carminati Bifolds @ The Showroom

The Carminati Skyline Bifolding doors are installed within the purpose built 'Carminati Show-Space' at the IQ Glass showroom in Amersham.

The timber bifolding doors on show are designed in a three-pane configuration that fold and slide on the outside. The timber chosen for these wooden bifolds is Oak which is then finished in finish 210 for a natural timber appearance.

We invite architects and designers to come and experience the Carminati Skyline range for themselves by making an appointment to meet with one of our technical team here at the showroom. Just contact us to arrange a suitable date and time.



Carminati Skyline Doors

Slim Timber Profiles

The main design element of the Carminati Skyline bifold (apart from the natural timber frame) is that is offers a very slim frame.

The vertical panel junction where the two bifolding leafs meet is 80mm (two 37mm frames of the bifolding leafs plus a 6mm seal gasket between). Each bifolding leaf has a surrounding frame of only 37mm which is uniform on around all edges.

The overall frame depth is 185mm. The fixed frame at the head and base of the bifolding door can be hidden by the building finishes if required.

Timber Finishes

The wooden frames of the bifold door can be made from Oak, Pine or Larch as standard. Additional timber species may be available on enquiry.

From this base timber, you have the options of a variety of stains that can be applied in order to get the tone to the timber that you want. Download our product information sheet for the full list of approved timber finishes.

Bifolding Doors Carminati Skyline

Handles and Ironmongery

All handles and ironmongery are stainless steel. This is in keeping with the high specification nature of the Carminati Skyline range. Each bifolding door pair is installed with a central D handle and locking handle in brushed stainless steel.

If your installation has a traffic door then a locking box is included into the frame which is 75mm wide x 260mm tall. A stainless steel lever/handle is integrated into the timber frame with a separate euro cylinder key lock.

The Carminati Bifold is top hung with stainless steel rails and wheels.

Max Sizes and Configurations

Each bifolding leaf is available up to 1000mm wide x 3000mm tall with a maximum glass weight of 100kg per leaf.

It is possible to create linear bifolding installations of up to 8 panels that fold in one direction. Even larger elevations of folding timber can be created by creating a biparting opening with up to 8 leafs sliding in each direction resulting in an elevation of up to 16 panes.

The bifold doors can be designed to fold to the left or the right and can be inward or outward folding as required. Traffic doors are only possible on folding configurations with an uneven number of panes.



Product Information Sheet for Carminati Skyline Bifold Doors

NBS Specification for Carminati Skyline Bifold