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A Beginners Guide to Glass Box Extensions

IQ Glass install glass box extensions to properties all over the UK, read our guide about specifying the right bespoke extension for you




Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Will a glass extension suit my building?



Although a glass box is seen as a futuristic addition to a building these types of clear extensions suit traditional builds as much as a contemporary new home.

Due to the inherent appearance of glass – it is clear – it allows you to see the traditional build behind and there is a clear differential between what is new and what is old. These types of frameless glass extensions can sometimes appease planning officers that don’t want to disrupt the integrity of the buildings original architecture.

From an internal view a glass extension brings more of your garden into your internal space so make sure our garden is something to look at! Don’t overlook garden design and external lighting when you have a glass box extension to the rear.



Glass Extensions | IQ Glass
Glass Extensions | IQ Glass


What Design Options are there?

The design options for a glass box extension are endless. From a full glass box with clear glass on all sides to the introduction of solid elements like a solid roof a glass extension can be designed to suit your space.

Various framings, supports, opening elements and shapes can be used through IQ’s bespoke glass extension designs incorporating all elements of specialised glass solutions from Glass Beams to aluminium casement doors.

A popular modern option is to include a solid roof with glass faces on all open sides. These can be constructed from fixed structural glass or minimally framed sliding glass doors for a contemporary appearance.

Side infill extensions normally have one solid wall along the party wall line with a glass roof and vertical opening glass element to the garden.




What Doors can I use?

IQ Glass can incorporate any of our specialised window and door systems into a structural glass box assembly . Bi Fold doors allow you to open up the whole face of the bespoke glass extension whereas sliding doors will give the space the slimmest sightlines available of 21mm.

For smaller extensions or smaller openings you could use a minimally framed pivoting door or a standard aluminium casement door.

Where a different design approach is wanted you could also use IQ’s flush glazed doors for a sleek external appearance or our Modern Art Deco doors in the Mondrian range, recreating a more industrial steel effect in a well performing slim metal frame.



Glass Extensions | IQ Glass
Glass Extensions | IQ Glass


What about options for the glass?

The glass panels used within the glass extension can have any number of specialised finishes to them to make sure your glass box extension suits the building and area it is constructed in.

Low Iron Glass is great for conservation areas or extensions where the transparency of the glass extension is important. Solar Control Coatings are also popular for these types of highly glazed environments to reduce the amount of solar radiation travelling through glass to reduce solar gain.

In marine environments IQ would suggest the use of Low Maintenance coatings to reduce the amount of cleaning needed to large glass constructions in these areas where there are more deposits in the atmosphere.

For very technical glass solutions IQ Glass can construct a glass box extension from clear Heated Glass units which will act as the sole heat source for your extension as well as create the glass walls.







Will I Need Planning Permission?

If your building is listed or in a conservation area you will always need planning permission. Most small extension are covered by the governments Permitted Development Rights. Read more at our learning article – Will I Need Planning Permission?



Glass Extensions | IQ Glass
Glass Extensions | IQ Glass






Will I Need an Architect?

For these types of high design bespoke extensions to homes IQ Glass always recommend to use an architect. They will be able to notice and address issues with your wanted design, create an eye catching addition to the building and make efficient use of the space you have.

The involvement of an architect on an extension project will also mean that your designs have a greater chance of getting through planning permissions if needed.