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IQ Glass - Glassmotion Automated Glass

Roof Vents

Our automated venting Rooflights use a specially designed automated system from IQ Glass that allows for automatically opening rooflights or floor lights with a hinged and tilting action.

Using high quality stainless steel hinges, rooflights can be pushed open automatically for ventilation or for access to suit the requirements of your project.

Electrically powered actuators can be fitted internally within a slim aluminium frame of our auto opening rooflights to create minimal, automatic venting rooflights . These minimal opening rooflights are great for smaller openings, for ventilation to kitchen extensions or for use in loft conversions or extensions.

Externally the external leaf of the hinged rooflight can be stepped over the aluminium frame for a sleek, frameless external finish.

Opening Rooflight

Where a larger opening is required, perhaps for access, high powered pistons can open a rooflight up to an angle of 90 degrees. These are extremely suitable for roof access hatches , giving easy access to roof terraces and gardens.

Venting rooflights can be designed as walk on areas of glass and are a great option for basement or underground extensions and living spaces, allowing ventilation to these subterranean living spaces that can be walked on when the Automated Roof Light is closed.

When closed these rooflights can be walked on, with a flush floor finish across the frame, glass and external floor finishes. There is also an option for these automated rooflights to split into two elements and bi part for a double opening. When open the vertical glass elements can be used as safety barriers to prevent a fall into the void.

IQ Glass - Glassmotion Automated Glass

Venting Rooflight at the Showroom

A venting rooflight is shown in a central location within our showroom as part of our minimal windows box.

The venting rooflight is installed onto an upstand on the flat roof of the showroom space. Activated by a remote control, the rooflight is pushed open on two stainless steel actuators.

When the automated rooflight is closed you are left with a frameless rooflight design as all framing is hidden by the internal plasterboard.

To see the outside of the rooflight you can climb up to our roof top terrace.

A quick glance over the frameless glass balustrades shows you what the outside of the rooflight looks like.


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