IQ Glass are the leading architectural glass technology and minimal framed glazing company in the UK. Utilising years of experience with glass, IQ Glass are able to mix minimal aesthetics with innovative glass technology for a beautiful yet function glass structure. We strive to understand and fulfill the highest customer's quality expectations, of performance, durability and design.



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Large Opening Windows

Steel framed windows are strong and robust and can be engineered to create large opening windows and create an impressive impact on an architectural design.

Our slim framed Mondrian Steel Windows can create an extremely slender framing finish but if larger opening windows are required IQ can create larger, bespoke steel windows to suit your architectural design project.

Thanks to the inherent strength of steel window frames, when using steel IQ can create opening windows to impressive sizes complete with a full thermal break throughout the steel frame.

When using our thermally broken steel frames we can create a steel opening window up to 4m in height with high levels of thermal performance and insulation with Uw values less than 1.0 W/m2K possible.

These large steel windows can be created with either a triple or double glazed unit, maintaining a clean steel window profile of only 85mm wide.

Steel Frame Design

Our steel windows are created with neat, clean edges and corners to enable them be used on high specification architectural designs where attention to detail is a high priority.

The steel frames used in the fabrication of our architectural steel windows can be either Galvanised Steel powder coated to your preferred RAL colour, Stainless Steel, Corten Steel or Patinated Bronze.

The availability of these thermally broken steel windows in a range of metals creates a unique steel window design and can be used to create striking finishes to architectural designs.

There are also a range of window handles available to choose from to ensure that your entire steel window design perfectly suits your project specifications. These handles are also available in a range of architectural metals to suit your steel window frames.

Bespoke mullion and transom designs are also an option in order to create a traditional steel window design in larger, more impressive sizes or enhanced thermal performance.


Architectural Steel Windows

Two Corten Steel windows are on show at our showroom in Amersham. These pivot and side hung windows are available in a range of architectural metal finishes with samples on display. If you are considering integrating Architectural Steel Windows into your design then book an appointment to visit the Courtyard Showroom. Your personal showroom visit will allow you to try and test our steel windows to see which item will best suit your requirements.



Steel Window Design

All of our steel windows are engineered at our in-house steel fabrication factory in Broxbourne. The design possibilities are almost endless. 

System Codes: Mondrian CWS-65 (double glazed) and Mondrian CWS-85 (triple glazed). 

Steel windows and doors can be an integral and inspirational element of an architectural design. Our bespoke steel windows are available in Galvanised Steel powder coated to your preferred RAL colour to create a traditional steel window at large opening sizes.

But you could also create these thermally broken steel windows from Stainless Steel, Corten Steel or Patinated Bronze for an entirely different design finish. Our steel factory has their own bespoke finishing workshop in order to provide you with a bespoke finish. 

Mullion and transom bars are optional and are available to be integrated into our steel windows with your preferred architectural metal finish. 

The range of on frame handles for these steel windows allows you to choose from a range of handles for a square, rounded or unique finish. There are also a range of glazing bead designs available to match your steel window design.


Our bespoke steel windows can be engineered to your specific architectural design requirements.

Typically our architectural steel windows can be engineered as Tilt and Turn Windows, Side Hung Windows, Double Opening Windows as well as Bottom or Top Hung Windows. These steel windows can be created with arched or shaped heads as well as fixed side and over lights as required.

Typically a single steel window would have a maximum width of 1.2m and a maximum height of 2.4m. Double opening windows have a maximum tested height of 3.7m. 

These are our standard and fully tested maximum sizes, however much larger opening windows are available upon request and subject to design practicality. These bespoke steel windows can be fully engineered and fabricated at our steel fabrication and architectural metal factory in Broxbourne.


Our Steel Profiles

Our steel frames have a full, two part thermal break within the steel frame structure to ensure high levels of thermal insulation from the steel window.

Steel windows without a thermal break will suffer from ‘cold bridging’ which will allow the internal of the steel frame to get cold creating condensation and frost inside the space. Therefore ensuring your steel frames include a full thermal break is very important when specifying.

The steel frame will be 65 or 85mm deep depending on whether you are using a double or triple glazed unit. The surrounding steel frame width will be 85mm across the face with a central meeting frame for double windows of 145mm.

Windows holding a glass panel of less than 70kg are able to have a slimmer 77mm surrounding frame with a central profile of 85mm for a double opening window.


Our architectural steel windows have been fully tested for all necessary thermal and weather resistance aspects of design to ensure an effective barrier from wind, rain and cold.

  • Thermal Performance 1.16 W/m2K or Uw 0.99 W/m2K with triple glazing.
  • Wind Resistance C5 in accordance with EN 12210
  • Water Tightness 9A in accordance with EN 12208
  • Air Permeability Class 4 in accordance with EN 12207
  • Security WK3 / PAS 24
  • Acoustic Performance Rw 47 (-2;-5) dB

Windows made from Architectural Metals will require proper maintenance to ensure that they maintain their attractive appearance. Ensure that you follow the recommended aftercare to keep your steel frames in good condition.



Commercial use


Strength and Beauty

The material steel is inherently strong, durable and robust. Windows manufactured from this material carry its material characteristics for improved durability, larger opening window sizes and minimal steel framing.

Where slim frames and large opening windows are required steel is the best design choice. Couple that with the neat, clean lines that can be created with steel frames and you have a winning combination suitable for all level of project.

Steel windows are often used for high usage windows for these very reasons. The strength of steel creates opening windows with high levels of durability to be opened and closed regularly without distortion.

The strength of steel also creates opening windows with high levels of security. Our architectural steel windows have been tested and achieved the highest level of burglar resistance testing for windows and doors. This allows these frames to be used on more exposed elevations, sensitive buildings and projects in exposed locations.

Featured Project

This multi-unit residential development by renowned architects David Chipperfield utilised the architectural prowess of steel framed windows throughout the development.

Secco Patinated Bronze frames were used throughout the architectural design and were used as all the opening windows and doors for the luxury development.

The Patinated Bronze windows, doors and sliding window units provided the architectural design with class and an air of luxury. Attention to detail was paramount through the architectural design and the clean corners and folds that are achieved with steel windows were preferred by the designers above any other window framing material such as aluminium.

The result is a luxury residential development with plots within the complex attracting residents with an appreciation for the beauty of the building.

IQ fabricate these patinated bronze windows and doors creating large steel windows with high levels of thermal insulation and performance.




Aftercare of Architectural Steel Frames

Architectural Steel WIndows Product Information Sheet