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Architectural Steel Sliding Doors - Thermally Broken

Thermally Broken Lift and Slide Doors

IQ’s architectural steel doors are now available with a lift and slide opening configuration for projects where opening up a space with slim framing and large glazing panels are required.


The framing used for these steel sliding glass doors is thermally broken and can be designed to include large panels of sliding glass into your architectural design in any of the four base steel framing materials. The large glazed panels are ideal for allowing natural light ingress and incredible views of your surrounding area. 

These lift and slide steel doors can be made with galvanised steel, available in any RAL colour, stainless steel in a brushed, polished or Scotch-Brite finish, Corten steel and Architectural Bronze. Each of these can be engineered for a unique and luxury sliding door installation.

Large Door Sizes and Additional Features

Each steel framed sliding door can be over 2.2m wide and 2.9m tall as standard with larger steel sliding door designs available to be engineered on request.

Due to the structural thermal break the steel frames of these lift and slide doors have, they maintain high levels of thermal performance. This thermal break prevents the inner framed from freezing in colder months as well as condensation build-up. This allows the internal space to remain a comfortable temperature year round whilst maintaining energy efficiency.

These architectural lift and slide steel doors can be engineered with applied or integrated bespoke glazing bars for the popular "Art Deco" design, perfect for when traditionally designed doors are desired.

Architecural Steel Sliding Doors - Large Door Sizes


Architectural Steel Sliding Doors - Frame Details

Frame Details

Our architectural steel framed lift and slide doors have a surrounding profile of 98mm with a central profile of 94mm. The reduced central profile is 69mm.

A drainage system can be integrated into the floor rail of these sliding glass doors with a height of 20mm. A floor rail with a threshold of 8mm high is also available to be integrated into the design.

The choice of framing materials includes galvanised steel which can be powder coated in any RAL colour, stainless steel which can be brushed, polished or have a Scotch-Brite finish, Corten steel and Patinated Bronze.

Door Configurations

These steel lift and slide doors can be designed with two or four panels. These can then be configured in different ways to suit your project requirements. A two pane configuration can be designed to have one fixed pane with one sliding door or to have both doors sliding in either direction.

When designing with four-panel sliding glass doors we are able to create a bi-parting configuration with the outer panes fixed and central panels bi-parting or they can all slide from either direction.

Incorporating fixed glazing into the design can enhance the natural light intake and views but having all doors sliding may provide the additional access space you require. Contact IQ Glass UK who will be able to advise on the best solution.

Architectural Steel Sliding Doors - Door Configurations
architectural steel doors specifications

Glass Specification

The steel frame used for these lift and slide doors is able to hold a double or triple glazed unit of up to 85mm thick. The frames have been tested to be able to hold glass units up to 400kg in weight.

These lift and slide doors utilise 8mm of toughened outer glass with an 8mm toughened middle pane and 6/8mm toughened inner with a low e coating.

Maximum Sizes

These slim steel framed lift and slide doors can be designed with a maximum width of 2208mm with a maximum height of 2907mm per sliding panel.

However, IQ Glass are able to design and install larger opening steel lift and slide doors available by request.

Architectural Steel Sliding Doors - Glass Spec
Architectural Steel Sliding Doors - Performance


These lift and slide doors by IQ have been tested for thermal performance, wind resistance, water tightness, air permeability, security and acoustic performance:

Thermal Performance: Uw 1.1 W/m2K *

Wind Resistance: C3

Water Tightness: 8A

Air Permeability: Class 4

Security: WK2

Acoustic Performance: 43 (-1;-4)dB **

Handle Options

A range of handle options are available in different metal finishes with this type of lift and slide door to create your ideal door design:

Stainless Steel Lift and Slide Handle

Architectural Bronze Lift and Slide Handle

Stainless Steel Lift and Slide Handle

  • Available in Satin or Scotch-Brite Finishes
  • 280mm height
  • 20mm depth

Architectural Bronze Lift and Slide Handle

  • 250mm height
  • 25mm depth
Architectural Steel Sliding Doors - Handle Options

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Commercial use

Architectural Steel Sliding Doors - Commercial

Architectural Steel Sliding Doors for Commercial Projects

Steel lift and slide doors are perfect for luxurious and high-end commercial properties such as hotels and restaurants. The slim steel framing combined with large glazed panels can maximise the natural light intake into a space, provide an elegant design to the building and allow access between the internal and external spaces.

With a choice of four steel finishes available you are able to choose the perfect finish for these doors to create a stunning and luxurious entrance to the building.

These doors are ideal for creating an entrance to a high-end, luxurious hotel as well as providing a stunning access route to external spaces such as balconies on hotel rooms. In restaurants, these doors are ideal for opening out the space to provide additional seating outdoors and ventilation in the warmer weather.

These lift and slide doors can be designed and installed in large sizes, perfect for commercial buildings where large doors are more likely to be required.

Featured Project

De Vere Gardens holds 97 luxury apartments in the Kensington district of London. Luxury steel windows and doors finished in architectural bronze were incorporated into the building design to compliment the design aesthetics.

The long façades have been created with a spectacular 3.7 metre high elevation of our architectural steel windows. In addition, matching floor-to-ceiling lift and slide steel frame doors were installed to open up the balconies and terraces, allowing guests to take full advantage of the views overlooking Kensington Gardens. These steel doors were framed with architectural bronze to match the windows, creating a luxurious uniform design.

Installing these luxurious steel framed doors within the new development provides main access into the lobby area where the apartments can be accessed. As this is a high traffic area it was crucial for the doors to have exceptional thermal performance and insulation as well as providing a cohesive design with the rest of the development.

Architectural Steel Sliding Doors - Featured Project


Architectural Steel Sliding Doors