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Architectural Steel Hinged Doors by IQ Glass

Thermally Broken Steel Frames

Our architectural metal factory are experts in engineering impressive steel structures. Using a unique two part thermal break we can create imposing steel framed doors to impressive sizes of over 4m.

Due to the thermal break our luxury steel door systems are able to achieve high levels of thermal performance for a highly insulating door installation.

The architectural metal frames are available in a range of finishes and materials to suit your architectural design. From galvanised steel to architectural bronze, Corten steel and stainless steel; the range of finishes available allow us to create impressive and unique doors for any architectural project.

Impressive Door Sizes

Due to the inherent strength of steel, and our two part thermal break technology, our architectural metal doors can be designed into impressive sizes.

The doors have been tested up to 4m tall with even taller door structures available. This hinged architectural steel door system is available with a matching window system, making them perfect for luxury architectural projects where a uniform design is required.

You can also integrate a double or triple glazed unit into the door system if you require a higher level of thermal performance.

A range of handle and locking options are available for integration into the steel door frames for a neat finish both internally and externally. For exceptional security resistance IQ are able to integrate Euro Cylinder key locks into the slim framed doors.


Architectural Steel Doors

A set of IQ’s Architectural Steel Doors have been installed for viewing at our Courtyard Showroom in Amersham. These doors showcase a Corten Steel finish with a range of samples on display if a different finish is required. Contact IQ Glass UK to book your personal showroom visit to view these luxurious doors in person.



Architectural Steel Doors - EBE 65 Doors

Framing Design

Our architectural steel hinged doors are available in any of the below materials and finishes with the same performance and frame sizes.

Galvanised Steel that can be powdered coated any RAL colour

Stainless Steel 316 in either a polished or Scotch-Brite finish

Corten Steel TM

Architectural Bronze

Hinged doors have a surrounding vent and frame profile of 109mm/134mm depending on the hinge choices. The central profile of double opening doors is 156mm with a base frame of 94mm. A reduced base frame of 69mm is also available for smaller door openings and areas of low wind loads.

The framing profiles are available in two thickness of 85mm and 65mm depending on the thermal performance and glass specification required. 

System Codes: Mondrian CWS-65 (65mm deep with double glazing) and Mondrian CWS-85 (85mm deep with triple glazing). 

Door Configurations and Glass Specification

The architectural metal hinged doors are available as single side hung doors, double opening doors, doors with arched heads, doors with fixed over lights and doors with fixed side lights.

The 65mm deep steel frame is able to hold a double or triple glazed unit up to 40mm thick. The 85mm deep system can take a glass unit up to 60mm deep and is normally used for triple glazed units.

The frames have been tested with glass units up to 180kg in weight with standard hinges. We can engineer doors with larger and heavier glass units with upgraded hinge designs.

Architectural Steel Doors - EBE 65 Doors

Maximum Sizes

A single leaf door has been tested to a maximum size of 1.2m wide x 2.4m tall. The 65mm deep framing system has been tested with double door openings up to 1.48m wide x 3.71m tall. The 85mm deep system has been tested to slightly larger sizes of 2.4m wide x 2.4m tall and 1.8m wide x 4m tall.

Although these are the maximum sizes that have been tested we are able to create door sets that are larger than this on request.


The hinged steel framed doors have been tested for weather resistance and performance to ensure that they achieve adequate protection for internal spaces from the elements:

Wind Resistance C4/5

Water Tightness 2A

Air Permeability Class 3

Security WK3

Acoustic Performance 42(-1;-3)dB *

The thermal performance of the door set will depend on the glass specification and the size of the door system installed but the below thermal performance values are a good indicative average.

The 65mm deep framing system with a double glazed unit would normally achieve a thermal performance of 1.57 W/m2K Uw. The 86mm deep steel frame with a triple glazed unit can achieve a thermal performance of 1.12 W/m2K Uw.


Commercial use


Architectural Steel Doors for Commercial Projects

Due to the large sizes available from our architectural steel doors they are often specified for imposing entrance doors to commercial buildings. The luxury steel frames are easily able to be engineered into doors that are 4m high with taller doors available on request.

With a wide range of handle choices available we are also available to integrate simple push/pull handles and heavy duty hinges for main entrance or high traffic doors.

As the architectural metal door frames are available in galvanised steel, stainless steel, Corten steel or architectural bronze they are well suited for a wide variety of architectural design projects.

Featured Project

The main entrance to the Arts and Crafts Museum was given an attractive update with the use of architectural metal doors. The 65mm deep framing solution was used for this main entrance door which was integrated into the building with an arched over light and fixed side lights, all framed in the same steel frame.

The arched window over the head of the doors perfectly aligns with the existing arched stone doorway. These doors and windows were created with a burnished brass finish to the frames to perfectly harmonise with the 19th century building.

Through the main entrance doors and up the stairs a second set of doors were used with the same burnished bronze frame which lead into the main foyer of the museum.



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