Anti-Condensation Glass

Use Anti-Condensation Glass to reduce condensation build up on the external face of architectural glazing in cold, damp environments.


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Reduce Condensation

Anti-Condensation Glass provides an effective external glass surface which is very difficult for early morning condensation to form on.

As insulated glazing increase in thermal efficiency condensation building up on the external faces of architectural glass is common, especially in the mornings when glass faces are cold and there is moisture in the air. As these modern insulated glass units are so well insulated the external face of the glass remains cold, even when heating is on inside, ensuring a perfect surface for condensation (or dew) to form.

IQ Glass can offer a technical glass solution for projects where this is a concern. A specialist coating can be applied to the external face of the architectural glazing units which is chemically bonded to the surface of the glass. This anti-condensation glass coating creates a smooth glass surface which is very difficult for condensation to stick to, therefore reducing the amount of dew forming on your insulated glass units.

Clear Frameless Glass

In addition to this external coating a second infra-red reflective coating can be applied to the internal face of the external panel of glazing to the insulated glass unit. This helps to keep slight warmth within the external face of glazing from solar radiation to reduce the amount of condensation building up on this architectural glass elevation.

Anti-Condensation Glass can be used on insulated architectural glass installations, such as our slim framed sliding glass doors or structural glass extensions. It can also be used on frameless glass balustrades, shower screens and other frameless internal glazing as required reducing condensation on these frameless glass installations.

The addition of an anti-condensation coating to architectural glazing does not change the appearance of these glass installations and maintains the light transmission and reflectivity of the natural glazing unit.

For extremely humid environments, such as heated pools and home spas, we recommend the use of IQ’s technical heated glass solution to stop condensation building up on the glass panels. 

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Technical Information

Glass Specification

Anti-Condensation Coatings can be applied to almost any size, shape and thickness of architectural glass unit. This allows Anti-Condensation Glass to be suitable for almost any architectural glazing installation by IQ Glass.

The externally applied coating adds nominal thickness to the glass units so does not change the thickness or specification of glass required for your chosen elevation, which will be calculated and specified by IQ Glass dependant on the architecture glazing to be used.

Contact IQ Glass to find out more about the glass specification we would recommend for your specific architectural glazing installation.