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ADL Internal Piana Range

Privacy between the spaces in the home whilst allowing natural light to pass into each room can be perfectly achieved with IQ’s internal Piana door range.

Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Internal Door Configurations

Privacy between the spaces in the home whilst allowing natural light to pass into each room can be perfectly achieved with IQ’s internal Piana door range.

The Piana range is available as a sliding, pocket, hinged or pivot door. Integrating blinds into these doors can enhance your privacy as well as block out any unnecessary lighting.

With the wide range of door configurations available you are sure to find the one that best suits your project. Sliding glass and pocket doors are perfect for smaller areas within the home or even to create a separation between two spaces in a studio apartment.

Hinged and Pivot doors are better suited for larger rooms where smaller access space is required.

Internal Door Configurations
ADL Piana Doors

Glass Finishes and An Integrated Band

A broad range of glass finishes is available for integration in these Piana doors, with more glass options than the Mitika and Line ranges.


The Piana door can be installed as a sliding door with integrated blinds or a band. Integrating a band into the design of these sliding doors is very useful if access to the home is restricted as this allows us to build the doors on site. 

These doors are available to be designed with different materials, not just glass, which are bonded to the outside of the aluminium frame for a flush finish and minimal framing. These include timber, stone, metal and resin. Each of these materials is available with different finishes.

Technical Information for the ADL Internal Piana Range

The Piana internal glass door is made of 2 layers of 4mm toughened glass structurally bonded to either side of a 38mm deep aluminium frame. The resulting glass door design has a reassuring depth to it with a slim slither of an aluminium profile on show.

It can be designed as a sliding, pocket, hinged or pivot door with optional door jamb details and is available in a wide range of finishes.

The Basic Piana has a flat all-glass face, whereas the Band Piana incorporates an opaque ‘band’ across the centre of the door at handle height.

You could also opt to specify the sliding doors as Venetian Piana doors which incorporate a Venetian blind within the glass for privacy.

Piana Doors in Commercial Properties

The Piana internal door range is ideal for use on commercial projects as the integrated band allows for the door to be built on site, perfect for commercial properties where access is restricted.

The Piana internal door range provides the choice of four different configurations, each one better suited to different spaces. Pivot or hinged doors will be better suited for creating ideal access between singular offices within a larger office space. Whereas the sliding door configuration is better suited for larger meeting rooms, creating a wider access space and more natural light intake.

LED light panels can be integrated into the design of the pivot and hinged doors, making them perfect for retail spaces such as a design centre or high-end clothing stores.

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