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internal glass door with timber frame

Italian Designed Internal Doors

The Piana internal sliding door offers you the perfect amalgamation of high end Italian design with precision engineering.

Created with a slender aluminium frame the Piana internal door is characterised by the use of two panes of glass on either side of an aluminium profile. This ‘sandwiched’ glass door design minimises the visible frame, offering an elegant design to your internal glazing.

The internal door range is available in a wide range of configurations to suit your space including hinged, pivoting, sliding and pocket sliding doors.

In addition to exceptional appearance and performance the Piana internal door also offers unparalleled options for design. Thanks to the dual glass pane design you can select a different glass finish for either side of the door to complement the schemes in different areas of a building. Want one side of the glass door in a matt glass pane and the other in a glossy finish? With the Piana internal door that is easy.



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Unparalleled Design Options

For a more personalised design you can include a decorative ‘band’ through the centre of the door in a contrasting material. You can also integrate Venetian blinds into a sliding Piana door for controllable privacy between internal spaces.

Thanks to the double skinned design of the Piana door the system has a depth to it, not found among any other internal glass doors. This allows the internal door to be designed to sit flush with wall finishes with or without a door jamb.

The minimal aluminium frame can also be finished in a range of options with a selection of handle choices and locking options too. All of these design options offers you an internal glass door with exceptional levels of design flexibility. Used on some of the most elegant interiors schemes in the world the Piana internal door is in a class of its own.

Other doors in this range included the Mitika internal door, the Line sliding door and the Filomuro internal door range.

mirrored glass door

A Piana Internal Pivot Door @ Sky House

The IQ Glass showroom in Amersham is also home to the Sky House Design Centre where we have further examples of our glazing systems throughout. This Piana Internal Pivot Door is the entrance door to the IQ Furniture home cinema showroom.

The double skin of glazing provides additional sound reduction which is required for these types of spaces. Here we have used a black painted glass on one side of the door and a frosted glass on the other side in the same colour. This allows you to create a door that matches the interior design in both rooms.


Glass Specification

The Piana internal glass door is made of 2 layers of 4mm toughened glass structurally bonded to either side of a 38mm deep aluminium frame. The resulting glass door design has a reassuring depth to it with a slim slither of an aluminium profile on show.

There is an incredibly broad range of design options available for the glass within the Piana doors. All of these available options are available to view at the IQ Glass showroom and Sky House Design Centre in Amersham.

Available for use within the Piana doors: Transparent Glasses, Frosted Glasses, Reflective Glasses, Back Painted Glossy Glasses, Back Painted Frosted Glasses, Mirrored Glasses, Stone Effect panels, Metallic Effect panels and Resin Effect panels.

Internal Door Configurations

The Piana door is incredibly versatile and can be designed as a sliding, pocket, hinged or pivot door as required.
The sliding doors can be specified in sliding installations up to four tracks and the hinged doors can be single or double opening as required.

Maximum sizes change depending on the type of door you select and the glass option you choose. The sliding doors can be up to 2.9m tall and the hinged or pivoting doors can be up to 2.6m tall with an opening leaf of up to 1m wide.

When specifying a hinged or pivoting door you also have the additional options for the door jamb. The door jamb can be hidden within the reveal, exposed or the door can be fitted in front of the reveal with a specialist door jamb cover. This surface mounted frame can also have integrated LED strip lights for an illuminated doorway design.

piana internal door with LED lights
internal glass door with timber details

Handles and Locking

The handle options available differ depending on whether you are selecting a sliding, hinged or pivoting door. Each handle option available has been carefully curated to ensure a cohesive aesthetic as well as ergonomic operation.

These handle designs range from simple satin stainless steel lever handles to designer handle options with specially designed inlays into the handle face.

Both the sliding, hinged or pivoting doors can be specified with an integrated euro cylinder key lock if required for additional security between internal spaces.

There is also a pre designed ‘anti-skid’ device for sliding doors if required to minimise the speed of the sliding doors if left to free slide.

Piana Venetian Sliding Doors

The sliding configuration of the Piana glass door has the additional option of integrated Venetian blinds.

These integral blinds are installed between the two layers of glazing and allow the user to control vision, privacy and light through the internal glass sliding door system.

Each sliding panel within a Venetian sliding door can be up to 1.2m wide with a sliding door installation of up to 4 tracks. Your glass options are slightly reduced down to either a transparent, frosted or reflective glass pane (ones that allow light and vision through in their natural state).

The integrated blinds themselves are available in a range of colours to either match or contrast with the frame finish. These blind colours range from white to grey to black to bright primary colours like red and blue.

glass doors with integral blinds
internal sliding door with decorative band

Piana Band Internal Doors

Another decorative option for the Piana doors is the Piana Band doors. These internal doors include a decorative band that cuts across the width of the door in either a matching or contrasting material or colour.

The decorative band is available in a range of colours with a back painted glossy, back painted frosted or mirrored glass design.

The Piana Band door is available in a sliding, pocket sliding, hinged or pivoting door as required with the same handle and locking options as the basic Piana doors.

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Commercial use

Decorative Glass - Commercial

Piana Doors in Commercial Properties

The Piana internal door range is ideal for use on commercial projects as the integrated band allows for the door to be built on site, perfect for commercial properties where access is restricted.

The Piana internal door range provides the choice of four different configurations, each one better suited to different spaces. Pivot or hinged doors will be better suited for creating ideal access between singular offices within a larger office space. Whereas the sliding door configuration is better suited for larger meeting rooms, creating a wider access space and more natural light intake.

LED light panels can be integrated into the design of the pivot and hinged doors, making them perfect for retail spaces such as a design centre or high-end clothing stores.

IQ Projects is the specialist commercial division of the IQ Group - www.iqprojectsuk.com


ADL Piana Door Technical Specification Sheet