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Filomuro Internal Door Range - The Filomuro Ranges

The Filomuro Ranges

The ADL Filomuro internal doors from IQ Glass are available in three different ranges; Style, Light and Zero. Each of these ranges includes doors that sit flush against the internal wall where a hidden door can be created if the door has been treated with the same finish as the wall. 

The Filomuro Style range is available as a hinged or pivot door with a door finish of glass, stone, metal, resin or timber. Each of these finishes is bonded to the outside of the aluminium frame for a flush finish, invisible framing and a hidden door design. 

A broad range of finishes are available for each of these including clear, frosted and bronze glass, stone Lavagna, stone iris and oxide moro stone, karst, graphite and ash resin, black metal, corten and brushed brass metal and natural oak, walnut and smoked oak timber.


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Filomuro Light and Zero

The Filomuro Light range is available as a hinged or single door in a glass finish with an aluminium frame. For glass finishes in clear or frosted glass, you are able to have a back painted strip to cover the frame. The aluminium framing used is available in a number of finishes including white, black and other RAL colours. A range of handle and locking options are also available.

The Filomuro Zero range is available as a hinged, single or double door. These doors are available with a choice of solid metal, timber door finishes or timber painted any RAL colour. A broader range of handle and locking options are available with this style of door in comparison to the Light range.

Filomuro Internal Door Range - Light and Zero


ilomuro Internal Door Range Specification Information

Filomuro Doors

The Filomuro door design is actually three hinged door designs under one umbrella! The Filomuro door is designed to sit flush with the surrounding wall finishes for a door that appears to be seamless with its surround.

The Filomuro Style has two pieces of 4mm toughened glass structurally bonded to either side of a 52mm deep aluminium frame, creating an internal glass door with a generous depth of 60mm to suit most wall structures.

The Filomuro Zero has a solid door face of timber or metal and a depth of 50mm.

The Filomuro Light is a single glazed door design using 8mm toughened glass that is structurally bonded to one side of an aluminium frame. This door design allows the glass to sit flush with the walls from one side of the door opening. Suitable for doors that are most often viewed from one side.

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Commercial use

Filomuro Internal Door Range Commercial

ADL Internal Filomuro Range for Commercial Projects

The Filomuro internal door range is ideal for commercial properties such as offices, physiotherapy clinics, spa rooms and hotel rooms.

This range is perfect for doctors’ offices and physiotherapy clinics where access to separate offices within the building are required. With a range of finishes available including glass and timber, you are able to provide as much privacy and natural lighting into the space as preferred.

These doors are also great for work office spaces on meeting rooms and other individual offices where vision into the space may be required with clear glass or frosted glass for some privacy. Other finishes are available to match the original interior design of the chosen space.

The Filomuro Light range would be perfect for spa rooms when finished with frosted glass to provide the required privacy for the space whilst allowing the ideal amount of natural light to pass through.

Each range of the Filomuro doors is suitable for integration in high-end retail properties to provide the access and privacy required for a changing room. These doors can sit flush against the wall for a contemporary design, available in a broad range of finishes for the desired internal design.

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ADL Filomura Light Door Technical Specification Sheet

ADL Filomuro Zero Door Technical Specification Sheet

IQGlass ADL Filomuro Style Door Technical Specification Sheet