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Acoustic Reduction Glass

Specialist Acoustic Interlayers can reduce the acoustic transference through a glass installation.

Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Noise reduction

Acoustic interlayers are laminated between toughening pieces of glass to produce a glazing unit with much improved acoustic performance.

The highly sound insulating PVB interlayers are laminated between glass panels using normal interlayer lamination methods of heat and pressure creating a glass unit with a lower overall Rw value measured in Db.

Every glass thickness and composition vibrates differently at different frequencies meaning that at some frequencies glass sound insulation can be very low. The introduction of an acoustic interlayer into a glass construction reduces this ‘critical frequency’ effect in the glazed element meaning there is no dip in the glass performance for certain sound frequencies and increasing the overall sound insulation for an installation.

Dealing with noise

These acoustic interlayers can reduce the sound transmission through glass to between 35Db to 49Db depending on glass makeup.

The aim of acoustic insulation glass is not to stop sound coming through the glass units all together, which is nearly impossible, but is to reduce the frequency of noise that can travel through the glass towards 100Hz, making any background noise insignificant enough to be ignored.

The acoustic interlayers used within sound reduction glass are completely transparent and appear as standard laminated glass leaf. The laminated glass panel can then be installed into a double glazed unit for external use, installed into framework or used as internal partitioning elements.

Additional changes to a glass specification such as triple glazing, differing thicknesses of glass and different gas cavity thicknesses can also assist in any acoustic insulation needed.

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