October 13, 2023

Window Manifestations

Written by Rebecca Clayton


What is a Window Manifestation?

A glass manifestation is designed to be applied to glass windows, doors and partitions to prevent people colliding into large elevations of frameless glass and possibly causing injury.

With slim framed glass windows and doors and large glass facades, it is imperative to make sure that large panels of glass are made with safety in mind. Clear glass façades can be produced using low iron glass which can provide clear views of the external surroundings when used on the exterior facades. 

Low iron glass used in Drax Avenue to provide clear views of the garden.

Low iron glass used in Drax Avenue provides uninterrupted views of the garden.

There are many regulations with regards to window manifestation. It is a health and safety requirement to apply manifestations to full height clear glass windows, doors or building partitions. These must be marked correctly with glass manifestation to ensure that the solid glass is evident. Manifestations are often two rows of 50mm or 75mm white, or frosted dots on the glass at heights of 1500mm and 800mm from the floor.

Sandblasted squares have been incorporated onto the glazing of Embassy Gardens to meet health and safety requirements.

Sandblasted squares have been incorporated onto the glazing of Embassy Gardens to meet health and safety requirements.

As long as the sizes and height positions of the manifestations are in line with these guidelines, any shapes including company logos will fulfil this health and safety requirement. Using decorative glass techniques is the perfect way to apply manifestations to glass in production. Using this glass technique will create a perfect designed piece of glass which will also follow the laws and regulations in preventing injury.

IQ Glass can provide decorative glass and sandblasted glass to enhance a certain aesthetic in both residential and commercial projects. However, these can also be used to comply with the window manifestation laws and regulations. Decorative glass can be made by either adding decoration to the surface or infusing the glass with colour. Kiln formed patterns is a popular choice for walk-on glass.

Decorative yellow coloured glass on our Rivington Street project.

Decorative yellow coloured glass, Rivington Street project.

Sandblasted glass can be used for a variety of projects in many different ways, it can be used to provide privacy, decoration or used as an anti-slip finish on walk on glass. Full sections of glazing can be sandblasted or sandblasted dots can be applied to follow the manifestation rules.

These decorative glass solutions have to be applied to the glass in factory conditions, if your glass has been installed and you require manifestations to be applied retrospectively then you will need to consider a film manifestation.

We can provide a wide range of films to offer solutions for any glass related issues, such as providing safety. We can provide a variety of films including safety and security films, privacy films, and frosted window films, all available in a range of finishes and grades.

Our decorative films are applied post installation to provide glass manifestation. These films can include any design you desire including graphics of people, objects or company logos and so on.

Graphics film on glazing in an office by The Window Film Company.


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