October 3, 2013

Why Frameless Sliding Glass Doors?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Frameless sliding glass doors have a myriad of advantages. They make a stunning contemporary design statement and look great in all styles of home. An additional advantage is that they will add value to your property. They are environmentally friendly and act as extremely efficient insulators, meaning that your energy bills could be substantially lower after fitting them. These cutting edge doors can be manufactured to perfectly fit any space and can be customised to your exact specification. Whether you wish to divide a living space, replace an out of date patio door, or open up the entire back wall of your home, you will find a whole host of styles to choose from.

Space Saving
In contrast to unwieldy patio doors, frameless sliding glass doors take up far less valuable space and have a much cleaner line. Opening as smoothly as curtains, they will fit seamlessly into any space, thus quickly and easily enhancing the aesthetic of any room in the home.

Bring the outside in
Modern homeowners reject the notion that the only view we can have of our outside space is through a poky kitchen window or narrow patio door. Frameless sliding glass doors have literally opened up a whole new world when it comes to the view we can have of the garden from our key living spaces. Heavy bifold doors were once the only way to achieve a similar effect, but now a perfect, unbroken view of your garden is an achievable reality without the necessity of clunky aluminium frames. Many designers advise that fitting wall lights either side of frameless sliding glass doors adds to the sense of a perfectly seamless transition between inside and outside.

Not just restricted to use in the home, frameless sliding glass doors are an increasingly common sight in commercial properties, from office partition walls to cutting edge shop fronts. Conserving space is often a key consideration in any commercial building and fitting sliding doors is a key way of achieving this. On today`s competitive high streets, they also provide maximum visibility, which can help drive trade.

Frameless sliding glass doors are carefully constructed to have a minimum of moving parts, thus making them far less prone to operating problems than other door systems. Sturdy yet unobtrusive and designed to last, these doors provide the best of both worlds.

Flexible Living
Internal frameless sliding glass doors are perfect to act as room dividers, letting in maximum light, taking up minimum space and keeping heat in and noise out. Today, many people opt for an open plan style in their homes, but the addition of sliding glass doors adds an important element of adaptability, enabling the homeowner to live a truly flexible life. Often used to separate a kitchen from a dining area, sliding glass doors will prevent cooking smells from permeating the rest of the house. They also keep small children at a safe distance from kitchen hazards, whilst still in full view. Single glazed doors offer the most unobtrusive option and are perfect for using as room separators. The doors are almost entirely retractable, meaning that when they are open they `disappear` and the eye is not drawn to them.

Privacy & Style
Frameless sliding doors can be customised to the customer`s exact specifications. They can be tinted or frosted for privacy, can be produced in a dizzying range of colours or even fitted with integral blinds for an added `wow` factor.

Double glazed doors are thicker and therefore perfect for fitting onto outside walls. They meet all current UK planning and building regulations and can be fitted quickly and with a minimum of disruption. Following years of research, high-quality frameless sliding glass doors can easily cope with anything the unpredictable British weather can throw at them, making them the perfect choice for all locations including the most exposed coastal areas. Perfectly designed to keep heat in and the cold out, frameless sliding glass doors are an extremely stylish alternative to traditional PVC door styles, which can make a home look dated.

If you want to truly make the most of the space and light that you have in your home, frameless sliding glass doors are the obvious choice.





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