October 10, 2016

What is Hygge Living?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How Can Glass Help you Achieve A Hygge Home?

IQ's Heated Glass was used on the Paulton's Square project. IQ's Heated Glass was used on the Paulton's Square project.

One of the latest trends within the home is Hygge. There is no definite definition for Hygge, although it is commonly described as ‘cosiness’ or ‘togetherness’. According to Emily Bird on amara.com ‘You can hygge with a good book curled up on a sofa or with friends around a fire or dinner table, even places can be hyggeligt (hygge-like).’

IQ Glass are able to help you create your very own Hygge home with IQ Heated Glass or PassivHaus windows. Heated glass is used to heat spaces, as well as stop condensation forming on the glass as well as stopping snow or ice build-up on the outside of the glass. Having this technical glass installed into your home will help you to achieve a living space that is hyggeligt as you will be able to create a cosy living space, especially perfect for the winter.

Internorm PassivHaus Windows. Internorm PassivHaus Windows.

IQ Glass can also provide PassivHaus windows which are also perfect to help accomplish a Hygge living space. PassivHaus windows are ideal when trying to create your own Hygge house as they include a very high level of insulation, preventing draughts in your home helping to keep you and your family nice and warm throughout the winter months.

The design of PassivHaus windows allows a great supply of fresh air and also helps keep the perfect air humidity constant for healthy conditions. Both heated glass and PassivHaus windows are the best way to create your Hygge home by providing you and your family with a warm, happy environment as well as allowing you to save money on energy bills.