January 18, 2013

We all need some warming up!

Written by Andy Curd

frameless structural glass link between a home and newly renovated barn house

Heated glass and its advantages

In weather like this, we all need some warming up! Here's a clip from Grand Designs live where Kevin McCloud attempted to do just that with only IQ Heated Glass to warm him.


In this special episode of the popular home design show, Kevin embarked on a quest to build his very own eco-house. As part of the quest, he wanted to use the latest in building materials, calling glass the ‘material of choice’ in this field.

In the ultimate test to show glass’ thermal capabilities, the show goes on to demonstrate IQ’s heated glass insulation abilities. The test: to see if our product could heat a room. Boasting less than 10% heat loss, heated glass was tested in a scientific freezer setting, using a triple glazing glass box unit for the test.

The experiment showed at one point the outside temperature of the glass unit was -34 degrees, whilst the inside temperature was +34 degrees. This temperature difference is through just an inch.

With a temperature difference reaching an extreme 90-degree difference, the glass eventually suffered thermal shock and one pane cracked. Obviously, in practice such extreme differences wouldn’t occur, but for the sake of the experiment, it was interesting to explore the limits of the unit.

If you’re interested in using our technical glass as a heat source or want to know more about the product, get in touch with one of our experts.


Take a look and turn the heating up.