March 6, 2024

Updated Interior Glazing Specification CPD

Written by Rebecca Clayton

internal steel fire rated door set in London penthouse shown part open

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Gain insights and expert knowledge on interior glazing specification with the expert CPD from the team at IQ Glass.

IQ’s interior glazing specification CPD covers all aspects of internal glass design and performance.

The CPD is split into both fire rated and non-fire rated interior glazing specification, breaking down the key performance and design options for both distinct areas of interior glazing design.

steel look internal sliders to the wolverine headquarters shown closed

Steel Framed Interior Glazing Specification

The CPD includes an overview of the design options possible for steel framed interior glazing for both fire rated and non-fire rated designs. Including comparisons between W40 and Art15 steel sections (the most popular interior steel frames in architecture and design) as well as an overview of their performances.

Within the CPD we also explore the use of steel framed interior glazing within specialist areas such as swimming pools or internal spa areas where further consideration of the steel frame must be undertaken.

steel internal glass partitions with reeded glass to the wolverine head quarters office in London

Aluminium Framed Interior Glazing Specification

Aluminium can be a great interior framing option for both residential and commercial projects. But not many know the full range of design options possible for aluminium framed interior glazing.

Our CPD provides an overview of both the configuration possibilities of aluminium framed internal glazing and the design options possible as well.

steel look internal glass doors at an old watermill renovation in a corridor

Frameless Interior Glazing Specification

One advantage of interior glazing is the removal of weather tightness requirements from the glass design. This means that interior designs are excellent projects to explore the use of completely frameless interior glazing.

The CPD provides an overview of just some of the design options possible, using completed and real life project examples to show what can be achieved. From listed historical buildings to modern basement renovations, frameless interior glazing can add an extra level of luxury to an interior scheme.

a shaped frameless glass partition to a home gym at a luxury residential development

Technical Glass Options for Interior Glazing Specification

There are a range of technical glass solutions that can be extremely useful for interior glazing specification. Our CPD provides an overview of some of the most popular so that they can be successfully used on projects in the future.

frameless interior glazing screens to a luxury basement renovation in london

Fire Rated Interior Glazing Specification

Fire rated glazing is an expert and highly technical area of interior glazing and – thankfully – something that IQ have years of experience in.

The interior glazing CPD provides an overview of the requirements for internal fire rated glass and design providing an insight into the material possibilities and the areas in which you can achieve some flexibility.

frameless fire rated glass doors to a London house renovation shown in the hallway and closed

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