November 8, 2015

Umbris Louvre Roofs featured in Grand Designs

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Umbris-Treetops 02
Perfect Example of Contemporary Solar Shading

The Umbris Louvre Roofs from IQ was featured in Grand Designs as a modern option for external garden shading.

Looking for a way to “create an undercover oasis in your garden” Umbris was shown to be a “stylish yet practical solution” to create an external living area that you can use throughout the majority of the year.

The Umbris Louvre Roof structure featured in Grand Designs The Umbris Louvre Roof structure featured in Grand Designs

With the automated louvres within the patio roof, you can angle these when required allowing sunlight and warmth onto an external living area, or closing them to create a protected patio area with a watertight louvre roof above.

Umbris by IQ is a perfect Louvre Roof option for creating a relaxing patio area away from the busy environment of a home. The modular aluminium structure of Umbris can be designed to be freestanding away from the home, supported by leg posts or vertical louvre elements.

In these cases, you obviously need to ensure that power can reach the Umbris structure, to power the automated louvres, or any additional electronic elements you have chosen to include, such as lighting, heating or audio systems.

A free-standing Umbris structure protecting a external seating area A free-standing Umbris structure protecting an external seating area

Although a garden structure, like an IQ Louvre Roof, can be a large investment in a garden design it will allow you to get maximum use out of your garden for all-year-round use.

You can see further examples of the breadth of louvre roof designs available at the dedicated IQ Outdoor Living website

If you want to take your investment further you could create a fully insulated Garden Room instead, using glass to merge the internal space with your garden. See our Contemporary Projects Page for more examples of this project type.

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