November 7, 2014

Turning on the Lights. The importance of lighting in glazed applications

Written by Rebecca Clayton

a rear view of a double height glass side infill extension in London
Glass_Showroom_NightThe lighting in glazed applications is important when you have a large glazed elevation within your design scheme. With darkening winter days you are going to see less daylight through your beautiful glass installation so having a well-designed lighting scheme for your external areas will ensure you have something to look at through the glass, otherwise all you will see is black and reflections of internal lighting.

It is also important to consider the lighting from the outside in. Large glass elevations do not lend themselves to outdated curtains and blinds and as such it is important to consider home security when large elevations of your home are transparent.

Consider the implementation of Intelligent Home Automation. IQ Glass offer this miniserver based home control system as part of our electronic glass solutions including heated glass and automated roof lights but it is extremely easy to configure this smart home automation system to control the lighting in your home as well.

Glass_Extension_NightUsing this web based home control system you can easily turn on your extensions lights, heated glass or privacy glass whilst you are out of the home, deterring people from looking into your home through the glass extension or sliding glass doors.

IQ’s architectural Glass showroom in Amersham is controlled via our Intelligent Home Automation system that controls the lighting, heated glass, privacy glass and various other electronic elements of the space.

Arrange a visit to the showroom to get inspiration and ideas for your own project, speak to one of our technical team and have a play with the smart phone app.

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