January 20, 2016

The Times - Bricks and Mortar Charles Street House - Cover Story

Written by Rebecca Clayton

The Times – Charles Street House, Mayfair
The recent cover story of Bricks and Mortar features a Mayfair home with a double storey glass façade and oversized pivoting glass doors to the rear of the property.

The Times – Charles Street House, Mayfair The Times – Charles Street House, Mayfair

Bricks and Mortar is the Property supplement of the year and features the latest news and features within the UK housing market. Whether you can afford a £10 million stately home, or are hoping to buy a first home with the government’s latest scheme, Bricks & Mortar covers just about everything.

The trend is setting across Europe with a similar design of large pivoting doors on a rear extension in Belgium. Maximising daylight internally is at the forefront of design ideas meaning slimmer frames and more glass allows you to achieve this.

Using oversized pivot doors will allow you to achieve a simpler design to the recent extension featured in Bricks and Mortar.

The large oversized pivot doors featured on the front cover is the latest addition to a £15million property in Mayfair. The glass extension allows extensions to listed house as you can clearly define old from new and it doesn’t damage the existing building.

How to get the look

Deezen – Antwerp, Belgium Deezen – Antwerp, Belgium

IQ Glass – Edge Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne IQ Glass – Edge Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne

IQ’s recent project in Newcastle, Edge Hill included a large oversized pivoting door, mirror the minimal framing design of the minimal windows sliding glass doors and structural glazing used throughout the property. Maintaining the slim frame design creates a cohesive architectural glazing design in addition to providing primary access to the garden.

 Slim Frame Sliding Glass Doors

Another way to achieve the double height glass façade design is with slim frame sliding glass doors. The minimal, slim design will give the large elevation of glass inspired by the featured Mayfair house in The Times, Bricks and Mortar.

IQ Glass – Edis Street, London IQ Glass – Edis Street, London


IQ’s minimally framed sliding glass doors were used on both floors, whilst integrating a frameless glass balustrade into part of the sliding opening for a Juliette balcony. The glass façade design creates a light filled open plan living space whilst maintaining the frameless and minimal appearance that the oversized pivot doors achieved in the featured Mayfair property.


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