January 21, 2021

The Lakes By Yoo

Written by Rebecca Clayton

modern lake district house with architectural glazing by IQ Glass

IQ provides the full glazing package to this stunning Cotswolds retreat

In the heart of the Cotswolds, the Lakes By Yoo retreat can be found, encompassed in countryside nature and surrounding a beautifully undisturbed lake. The Lakes, branded as a canvas for your ideas, is home to expansive, modern homes designed to maximise countryside living.

Minimal glass balcony to lake district holiday homePlots of land are available to buy, with luxury residential dwellings already planned. The plots have full architectural designs and plans, as well as already granted planning permission. This is an amazing opportunity to buy and own a property in this exquisite part of the country, without having to worry about planning applications. Although the plans are already drawn, this can be adapted and changed to suit the buyer’s individual needs. The Lakes By Yoo offer project management services, as well as interior design and property maintenance services, to help with the build process at every step of the way.

The Lakes By Yoo want each home to be individual, that’s why each design differs from the next with various standout features. Many of the homes are highly glazed to ensure the picturesque views can be seen and enjoyed from every angle. Highly glazed façade designs provide luxury exterior designs, whilst flooding the interior spaces with natural light. Due to the nature of the area, the expansive use of glass helps the large builds to merge with the natural environment without detracting from the surrounding scenery.

Modern interior to lake district holiday home with internal glass balustradeIQ Glass provided the full glazing package to multiple homes on the plot, designing and installing bespoke glazing systems to maximise the functionality without compromising on minimal design. Some of the packages included floor to ceiling glass walls with slim framed sliding doors integrated within them. This method grants uninterrupted views onto the lake, whilst offering the ability to seamlessly merge the two environments with large structural openings.

One of the properties within the resort was built for international supermodel Kate Moss, who worked on the project to deliver an exceptionally unique interior design. Using the Cotswolds property as her second home, she enjoyed the peace and serenity that comes with a property in this part of the country. Upon purchasing the land, the interior design studio working with The Lakes By Yoo offer the opportunity to Structural glass facade to lake district homeappoint a partner from their portfolio of celebrity designers. The interior design team work closely to ensure each home reflects the homeowners wants and needs.

Each proposed property features different glazing systems, designed to suit the individual home. Factors such as location, size and shape have been taken into consideration to ensure these luxury glazing systems maximise the natural light and offer unparalleled views.

The retreat is situated just 90 minutes away from London, making it an ideal location for second homes belonging to those who work in the city. Enjoy the stark contrast of nature whilst taking a break from urban life.