February 1, 2021

The Invisio Floating Glass Beam

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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An innovative application for our in-house developed structural glazing system

Using structural glass, in the form of our in-house structural glazing system Invisio, IQ Glass has developed an innovative new way of supporting glass roof structures. Maintaining the most minimal design possible, the new floating glass beam concept eliminates the need for glass fins or horizontal steel supports.

Structural glass floating beamThe internal pane for these beams was 8+8 toughened laminated glass, with a notch cut out at the top in preparation for the floating structure. The notch was only cut out on the inner pane, then the glass beam sits within this slot, supported by the inner pane. Due to the enhanced strength of the inner pane (being toughened and laminated), the glass beam can be solely supported by the inner pane.

This method is preferable for highly glazed spaces, where glass is the primary design feature and the structure is minimal. When glass roofs meet glass walls the only visible fixing between the panes are neat structural silicone joints, therefore it makes sense to utilise the extremely minimal structure of the floating glass beam.

Structural glass support beam to glass linkOne of the key advantages of using a floating glass beam is the support it can achieve, eliminating the need for vertical glass fins. Glass fins, although in keeping with minimal glass designs, protrude into a space and take up space within a room. Using beams in this innovative way ensures the room is as minimal as possible, with all supporting glazing overhead rather than in the eye-line.

Thanks to years of experience and modern glazing technologies, IQ Glass can utilise the floating beam method in many structural glazing applications to effectively support glass roof structures. Eliminating the need for steel supports, natural light can flow uninterrupted into the internal living spaces to create bright, airy spaces.