May 13, 2015

The First PV Glass Installation

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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IQ Glass have just finished our first installation of BI PV glass to a large commercial building in London.

A London Project with BIPV Panels A London Project with BIPV Panels

BIPV stands for Building Integrated Photovoltaic and allows building materials already integrated with photovoltaic technology to be used as external building materials, such as glass roofs, glass walls or glass floors.

The innovative, solar encapsulating glass units were used within the structural glass roof to the upper floor renovations on this project in London and generate electricity for the building.

An innovative new technology, the BIPV glass allows energy to be collected from the sun by the glass units with small PV units placed within the glass construction. These small PV elements maintain high levels of light transmission and transparency through the frameless glass units whilst collecting solar power for a sustainable building design.

Transparent BIPV Glass to glass roof Transparent BIPV Glass to glass roof

This new glass technology is quite flexible with design choices and performance broadening all the time. There is almost no limit to the range of colours or semi transparency available from these integrated PV glass panels to suit your design and level of solar protection required.

Going forward there will be greater opportunity for architects and contractors to turn their external building envelope into a functional renewable energy source.

Contact IQ Glass for more information about this growing glass technology.

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