March 13, 2024

Sliding glass doors to three new biophilic low carbon luxury homes

Written by Michelle Martin

Three biophilic low carbon luxury homes

High performance glazing forms part of this unique development in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty  

The project involved the creation of three exquisite low carbon luxury homes nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Chiltern in Chalfont St. Giles IQ Glass was commissioned to supply and install high performance ultra slim framed sliding glass doors and structural frameless glazing elements strategically positioned to showcase the breathtaking views of the verdant greenery in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 

Three biophilic low carbon luxury homes with architectural glazing throughout

With a focus on blending modern luxury with eco-conscious design, the three dwellings were envisioned not only as opulent residences but also as contributors to mitigating carbon emissions. Developed by Rosguill Developments, these three biophilic low carbon luxury homes seamlessly integrate into their rural surroundings, thanks to an extensive architectural glazing package.  

The three luxury new homes boast structural glazing elements that have the thermal performance required and the aesthetics to enhance these three low carbon luxury dwellings. 

Ultra slim framed sliding glass doors in a configuration of two moving panels and one fixed are installed to the living rooms to draw in natural light and views, as well as offering seamless transitions to the garden when opened.  

Ultra slim sliding glass doors

Casement windows and doors are installed at all elevations.  The show-stopping elements of the glazing besides the slim sliding glass doors are the structural rooflights pitched at angles in keeping with the roof angles.  They offer privacy whilst maximising natural light into these biophilic low carbon luxury homes.  

Structural frameless glass rooflights to biophilic low carbon luxury home

The facade of the homes is a testament to the project's commitment to sustainability, featuring a combination of natural indigenous Chiltern flint and black timber that blends seamlessly with the natural landscape of the AONB. These luxury dwellings have expansive photo voltaics installed to the oversized pitched roofs to enhance the generation of off-grid power which is why the structural frameless roof glazing was designed to be installed at the same pitched angles of the roofs.  

Modern low carbon timber and stone clad barn with glazing by IQ Glass

A key design consideration by HDAr was to ensure that the three buildings, sharing the same plot of land, were positioned in a manner that respected each other's privacy. The placement of glazed elements was carefully orchestrated to offer uninterrupted views of the mature grounds while maintaining privacy and avoiding overlooking between the residences. 

Slot casement windows to low carbon luxury home

Another clever architectural design detail is a nod to the farming grounds’ former agricultural buildings with the addition of aluminum clad silos that adds simple decorative element yet formed part of the planning consent. Casement slot windows are installed to these silos allowing natural light to pass through.  

The project exemplifies the harmonious fusion of luxury living, environmental consciousness, and architectural excellence, creating a trio of low carbon luxury biophilic homes that not only provide an exceptional living experience but also serve as working sustainable buildings within the idyllic setting of The Chilterns. 

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