March 23, 2015

Sliding Glass Doors on Super Structure Buildings

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Contemporary barn renovation
Sliding Glass Doors to upper floor of tower in in London

In a recent study by New London Architecture (NLA) new statistics for the designing and building of high rise, or multi storey towers were revealed showing a sharp increase in these tall buildings designs in the last year.

In 2014 45 new high rise buildings were under construction, where as in 2015 that figure has seen a 56% rise to 70; 89% of these towers were residential.

This drive towards taller building design is a direct reflection on the capitals need for more concentrated yet luxury living spaces.

By using sensibly managed construction techniques and high quality design residential spaces within these high rise towers can be spacious, bright and open plan.

luxury living spaces to be used for either balcony access, Juliette Balconies or roof terrace access.

The slim frames and high weather resistance testing, especially their impressive wind load resistance, make the minimal windows sliding doors one of the few sliding door systems that can be used at these higher levels.

icona_morleyvonsternberg_sw220408_2The slim aluminium frames have been tested with winds up to 206 km/h and air pressures of 2000 Pa for use on the top levels of these residential towers.

Recent projects on Pall Mall and Buckingham Gate even further prove the dramatic aesthetic difference the use of specialist sliding door systems can make on both the internal and external architectural design to these high rise residential building projects.

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