February 27, 2024

Sky House's 10 year anniversary is the most successful architect event to date

Written by Michelle Martin

Architect event marking 10 years at Sky House Design Centre

Sky House Design Centre pulled out all the stops to create a memorable architect event bringing together over 150 design and construction professionals for the launch of the Avino timber showroom plus keynote talks delivered by Clear Architects, Zaha Hadid Architects, and Professor Emeritus Derek Clements-Croome all focussing on building for longevity and wellness. 

The unveiling of the Avino Atelier timber showroom at Sky House 10 year anniversary event

More than 150 design & construction industry professionals attend the celebratory event marking 10 years of Sky House Design Centre 


The evolution of the 40,000 sq ft glazing and interiors showroom began with a small team based in Watford packing their belongings on 14th February, 2014 to move into the new office space in Amersham which would also serve as a distribution centre. 

 At first, the size and scale of the renovation required in the once dilapidated warehouse was quite daunting, even for the most ambitious of visionaries. 

Overtime, with much determination and grit, product showroom spaces enabled innovative architectural glazing systems to be installed in situ in a variety of configuration and finishes Other brands within the built environment took on the rental of some space, and with continued innovative glazing being installed, such as the floating glass box, the space organically evolved to what has been regarded as the ‘design hub of the Home Counties.  

Event Highlights 

The doors opened at midday Thursday 15th February and guests were greeted with a floor map making their way round the showroom space before the first of three compelling keynote talks were presented from the auditorium.  


Melanie Clear, Clear Architects – Building for longevity is sustainable design  

Melanie Clear delivers a compelling keynote on designing sustainable buildings for longevity

Melanie confidently approached the podium, ready to impart her wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of the built environment. With compelling evidence at her fingertips, she illuminated the truth that homeowners are eager participants in the crucial conversation surrounding climate change. Her insights showcased a burgeoning trend toward eco-conscious living, exemplified by the flourishing development of sustainable homes destined to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. 


Compelling keynotes delivered at Sky House event from the auditorium


Fabian Hecker, Zaha Hadid Architects – Award-winning Forest Green Rovers Eco Park Stadium timber design 

Fabian Hecker, Zaha Hadid Architects delivers the backstory of the award-winning Forest Green Rovers Eco Park Stadium timber design

Fabian captivated his audience with a meticulously crafted narrative, delving deep into the intricate structural design elements and meticulously researched construction techniques centered around the use of natural timber. His efforts bore fruit not only in benefiting the broader community but also in preserving the rich heritage of the club. Through a commitment to ecological sustainability and an ethos of inclusivity, Zaha Hadid Architects' vision for architecture transcends mere functionality, weaving a tapestry of environmental stewardship and cultural preservation.


Professor Emeritus, Derek Clements Croome – A Multisensory approach to designing healthy buildings

Keynote by Professor Emeritus Derek Clements-Croome at Sky House

Linking timber with natural materials and biophilia, Derek's keynote drew from a wealth of evidence-based research. He underscored the profound influence of the immediate environment on productivity and absenteeism. By examining various factors such as views through glass windows, air and lighting quality, and integrating biophilic design principles and flexible workspaces, Derek outlined a compelling case for the manifold benefits derived from such holistic approaches.


Avino Atelier timber showroom unveiling 

The new Avino - timber in architecture showroom

The eagerly anticipated Avino – timber in architecture Atelier showroom offical ribbon cutting ceremony took place immediately after Fabian’s timber case study talk, by which time Sky House Design Centre was bustling with indutry professional within the built environment. 

Guests were able to move through the new timber showroom space which was newly completed.  

Timber windows and doors installed with a plethora of finishes available could be seen to complement any interior or exterior scheme.  

The timber finishes are combined with verdant foliage and bespoke metals creating an architectural paradise of materiality.


Sky House anniversary event with dynamic simulator

Entertainment, engaging workshops and panel discussions continued with all Sky House members delivering showroom tours, culinary food as well as an immersive simulator experiences and hi-end audio systems.  

The collaborative event was a huge success thanks to our keynote speakers and all those who attended. 

If you were unable to attend, and would still like to see the NextGen ultra slim sliding glass doors or the new Avino Atelier timber showroom, contact us for a showroom visit today! hello@iqglassuk.com