June 17, 2022

RSAW Revealing Wales - A Series Focusing on Architecture in Wales

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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The Royal Society of Architects Wales have completed their second short series, looking at some of the most stunning and unique architecture around Wales.

RSAW Revealing Wales - slim framed windows on specialist building

The groundbreaking initiative from RSAW has now completed two seasons of project-based videos, showcasing extraordinary design. The aim of the RSAW Revealing Wales series is to capture the imagination of anyone interested in the history and diversity of Welsh architecture, exploring how it defines and enriches Wales.

RSAW Revealing Wales - Series 1

The first series made and produced by RSAW looked at five projects with the aim of promoting public appreciation of Welsh architecture, the end goal was to inspire both historical and contemporary projects with bespoke glazing packages. The first series showcased the varying types of projects that can be found, while simultaneously providing a valuable accessible resource to celebrate Wales and its commitment to sustainability and the well-being of future generations.

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The first season of RSAW Revealing Wales featured some impressive architectural buildings including Senedd, the home of the Welsh parliament.

Designed by Richard Rogers and Ivan Harbor, the brief was to create a sustainable building, one with a low carbon footprint and minimal environmental impact. This was achieved by using indigenous materials, the application of renewable technologies and minimizing energy consumption and waste.

The landmark building sets a standard for architecture in Wales, using architectural design techniques that consider the users before the function. The building is comprised of varying features which were placed together to create a shell; the roofing was designed to sit on concrete pillars which shelter the glass-framed internal building and these features do not actually touch, to increase ventilation within the space.


RSAW Revealing Wales - Series 2

RSAW revealing wales series

The second series has the same aims, to spread awareness of architecture in Wales while shedding light on some extraordinary community spaces, intending to introduce new voices to promote greater awareness and understanding of buildings that enable and support learning, wellbeing, community, and sustainability in Wales. The second series looked at four exceptional projects with elevated architecture in Wales, with a developed aim to spread more awareness of the architectural possibilities and how functionality can be designed intentionally.

The first video in the RSAW Revealing Wales second series is narrated by Bami Adenipekun, an author, life coach and Maggie’s ambassador, introducing the two Maggie’s cancer care centres in Wales. The short clip explained the importance of the Cancer support building, showcasing two different architectural styles with complimentary interior decoration.

cor-ten steel wrapped building - architecture in wales

The exterior of Maggie’s cancer center in Cardiff is eye-catching and appealing, clad in cor-ten steel the bright rusted building creates varied apex shaped roof peaks concealing the hidden glazed courtyard in the center of the building. Located at the front of the building, dozens of abstract shaped bollards are placed symmetrically in varying shapes which all have loud qualities and the main entranceway to the center is accessed through a courtyard surrounded by foliage which creates a contrast between the colours.

The building’s form and materiality reflect the surrounding topography and provide a range of uplifting spaces that have a strong relationship to nature which was the intention in the process of designing the center.

The interior is heavily influenced by wooden accents which are consistent thought out the support center and the interior design is warm and soft to relate to the function of the space. The glazing elements open the space and create more connections with the exterior, the use of large glazing elements contributes to a biophilic design by allowing endless amounts of sunlight to enter the space while allowing views of the vibrant green courtyard.

oversized glazing in maggies's community center wales

The highly glazed courtyard is the focal point of the center by creating an environment which can be opened and explored directly from the internal, an internal courtyard can arguably bring in a lot more natural light to a space than an extension.

There is a clear comparison between the two buildings, but they work well together in demonstrating how briefs can be interpreted by architects.

With over 29 centres each of the centers has been appointed architects to create specialist and interesting community buildings. There is an importance in how the architects are able to interoperate the surroundings and channel this into the design, making each of the care centers one of a kind.


IQ Glass and Architecture in Wales

IQ have worked on projects all around Wales, including Cardiff, Swansea and Newport. The project in Newport, a large rear extension to a high-end residential project, features ultra-slim sliding aluminium doors and bespoke structural glass roof lanterns. This aim was to maximise natural light within the new space and give the area a strong connection with the outdoors. This was easily achieved through the use of slim framed architectural glazing solutions.


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