July 17, 2014

Remodeling With Modern Patio Doors

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Turney Road - The solid roof stops it feel like a glass box Turney Road - The solid roof stops it feel like a glass box

The phrase ‘Patio Doors’ conjures images of chunky uPVC doors stepping up and over the level change onto your external patio.

This reality has long since passed with the advent of flush floor details, allowing for step access from inside a home to the external surfaces and the progression of slim framed door systems.

Bi fold and large glass sliding doors are replacing old, outdated uPVC patio doors and are available to use on all ranges of projects, from complete remodels to a like for like replacement into existing openings.

Although Bi fold doors are sometimes preferred by home owners, with the draw of opening up a large expanse of your rear elevation in the few warm months we receive, sliding doors allow you much smaller sightlines and neater detailing more suited to contemporary aspirations.

IQ’s sliding glass doors offer a vertical frame of 21mm wide with the requisite flush floor detailing and frameless surrounding finish.

IQ Glass - Modern Patio Doors - Burdon LaneA traditional Home in South London used these very sliding glass doors to add to the contemporary theme of their internal refurbishment. Internal walls were knocked down and a minimalist interior design theme was adopted for an open plan, bright contemporary living and dining space.

The sliding doors line the entire rear face of the ground floor flooding the internal white space with natural light.

The house also benefited from a large external pool. Using minimal framings such as that used on modern patio doors and the flush floor finishes associated allows the internal and external spaces to merge, so in summer months there is an ease of integration for the family between the garden and kitchen spaces.

You can get some more inspiration for including a modern twist on a patio door at our Pinterest Board: Modern Patio Doors

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