August 4, 2014

Reflective Glass Finishes

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How to Improve Natural Light in Narrow Properties
Refelctive glass panels to garden room in Canonbury Square Reflective glass panels to garden room in Canonbury Square

Highly reflective surfaces can be used to attempt to camouflage or hide a structure by reflecting its surrounding surfaces or environments.

This works particularly well in small, narrow spaces or on tall buildings against a sky line. Two recent project completed by IQ Glass show how effective reflective glass surfaces can be.

First of all is a commercial building on Pentonville Road designed by HUT architecture. IQ Glass provided and installed the highly reflective glass cladding to the upper floor. As stated the purpose of this reflective glazing was an attempt to camouflage the extra floor added to the top of the building by reflecting the surrounding skyline. The upper floor surrounded by mirrored glass is almost invisible from the ground floor level.

Pentonville Road reflective cladding Pentonville Road reflective cladding

Another project showcasing a mirrored surface is a garden room IQ Glass constructed on Canonbury Square. Within the small, narrow garden IQ Glass designed and installed a steel and glass-clad garden room to be used as the homeowner's studio and the rear as a small garage.

In a small space such as that at Canonbury Square, this structure took up quite a chunk of the available space within the rear garden, and as such, the client wanted to hide the new room as much as possible. Here the highly reflective glass mirrored the surrounding greenery of the garden effectively blending in with its surroundings.

Stone Crop mirrored internal cladding Stone Crop mirrored internal cladding

Mirrored glass can also be used in small areas internally to distribute light back into a space or make an area seem lighter. At IQ’s project, Stone Crop the beams above our sliding glass doors were clad internally with mirrored glass for exactly that reason and reduces the visual effect of a black line cutting across the double-height glass façade.

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