June 21, 2020

Recreate a Modern Villa Design with Architectural Glazing

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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With travel restrictions in place for the foreseeable future households across the UK are looking for ways to bring a slice of that holiday feeling to home.

Modern villas in popular luxury holiday destinations feature many architectural aspects that can be incorporated into house designs in the UK.

White rendered walls, open plan living spaces and good links between inside and out are already popular architectural elements used in contemporary house design in the UK.


modern villa with outdoor pool


Large Sliding Glass Doors

A key element to creating a modern villa feeling is that merging of inside and out. Large sliding glass doors are used extensively in villa designs as they most easily connect the inside to out.

The large panes of glass also allow light in as well as views out. When slid open the threshold is flush, again helping that connection.


Glass facade modern beach house


This house used an entire rear elevation of sliding glass to connect to the garden and outdoor pool. That connection of inside and outside by incorporating open corners. The sliding glass doors slide away from the corners of the structure leaving no posts or frame in its place.



With large elevations of glazing also comes considerations of solar control. Villas are often designed with large overhanging reveals which provide shading to the large sliding glass doors.


louvre roof by outdoor pool


Another popular shading technique for villas in sunny climates is the inclusion of a Louvre Roof outside the sliding patio doors. These louvre roofs provide high levels of shading to glass elevations that is completely controllable. The louvres can be turned to provide shading at all times of the day.


louvre patio roof


One advantage for UK properties of these louvre roofs is that when the louvres are closed they create a fully watertight patio roof. Perfect for those summer showers.


Outdoor Pools

There is nothing more luxurious than a private outdoor pool. With fewer people taking holidays abroad this year, many households are instead focusing on getting the most from their home.

The inclusion of a private outdoor pool in the garden is a great way to get that slice of holiday lifestyle at home.

If there is no space for a dedicated outdoor pool house then the connection between the house and the outdoor pool is even more important.


outdoor pool and glass extension in london


This extension in London had an outdoor swimming pool. The new extension had large sliding glass doors that helped connect the living room area to the outdoor pool space.


What Next?

If you are working on a modern villa design project get in touch with the team at IQ. We can help assist with costing, specification and technical advice. Visit the contact us page for all the ways you can get in touch with us.