March 28, 2024

Parisian arched architectural bronze doors to London property

Written by Michelle Martin

Bronzed arched Parisian architectural doors

Parisian bronze arched glass doors to London Period property

Michael Jones Architects was commissioned to remodel and extend a period property in Kew replacing a poorly appointed rear extension with a modern yet timeless extension offering a noirish glamour with Parisian style arched bronze doors and frameless thermally broken Invisio rooflights in keeping with its liberty interior scheme. 

A total of five tall Mondrian bronze double doors to the rear extension are all bespoke and finished to a specific bronze burnish finish. This special architectural bronze trend continues within the interior with bronze accents throughout this luxury London property. 

Due to the surrounding brickwork, each finished opening arched brass door had to be custom fitted to measure each of the five arches. 

 Parisian style steel framed glass doors to rear extension at Mortlake Road in Kew


Bespoke internal bronze arched sliding glass windows

Matching the ironmongery of the external bronze arched doors, the newly extended kitchen living space boasts a bespoke steel framed internal sliding glass window system with six elevations of glass.  The 3.8m wide arched framed window system has a biparting configuration with the two central panes opening over the hob of the new kitchen.  While the two centre panels slide open, the remaining four are fixed uniquely curve round at the corners.   

The patinated finish of the bronze arched sliding glass window systems allows for other elements such as the high gloss kitchen work surface, achieving an intentional and cohesive design. 


Internal arched steel framed sliding glass window system to modern extension


Invisio frameless glass rooflights to rear extension 

Two oversized Invisio structural glass rooflights maximise natural light into this deep period home on Mortlake home.

Since the kitchen was not directly positioned towards the steel arched doors of the new extension, maximum natural light was key, adding cross ventilation maintaining a healthy and airy feel to the hub of this family home. 

Invision structural frameless glass rooflights to rear extension.


Natural light continues to cascade through the the internal arched sliding glass door system beyond to the hallway and reception space. 

Internal bronze framed hinged glass door

Luxury internal brass framed glass door

A large full height bi-opening hinged brass internal door separates the new rear extension with the reception and entrance of the front elevation.  The exisiting entrance door also features a Parisian style arch.


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