July 5, 2018

Order Deadline for Pre-Christmas Installation 2018

Written by Rebecca Clayton

minimal-windows-181018-project-24 (5)

While the sun is shining it can be hard to think about Christmas but if you are looking to have your minimal windows® sliding doors designed and installed before Christmas now is the time to start planning.

In order for us to be able to achieve a pre-Christmas installation date, we must receive the order for your minimal windows® and associated architectural glazing by Friday 10th August 2018 at the latest. Please see below for an explanation of our lead times and order process.

Order Process for Pre-Christmas Delivery

By Friday 10th August 2018 place your order for your minimal windows® with IQ Glass.

We will then send a deposit invoice to our contractual client for payment. When this is received we will then begin our design process. We advise to allow for this process to take 15 working days for small to medium glazing projects. The design process for larger architectural glazing projects may be longer. Please speak to your sales contact at IQ Glass for information about your expected drawing process timescale.

By Friday 28th September 2018 approve your drawings and pay 2nd stage invoice.

The cut-off date for orders to be sent to the factory for a pre-Christmas completion is Friday 29th September. In order for us to place the order for the minimal windows® with the factory we need:

  • the design drawings to be approved

  • opening sizes to be confirmed (either agreed or by site survey)

  • frame colour choices confirmed

  • the 2nd stage invoice paid

The minimal windows® systems have an estimated lead time of 10 to 12 weeks. To ensure that you can achieve a pre-Christmas delivery you must ensure that all of the above has been sent to us and confirmed before 28th September 2018.

By w/c 17th December 2018 the materials will have been manufactured.

If your order was sent to the factory before 28th September then we expect the delivery of these items before the w/c 17th December.

Please note that we have an in-house installation team of over 90 glass technicians but even this large installation force (the largest of its kind in the UK) does have limitations on its time. We will have a logistical limit on the number of projects that we can install in the week of 17th to 21st December.

Installation slots will be allocated by order date so it is always best to place your order earlier rather than later.

We expect that all orders placed with us before 10th August 2018 will be able to book a pre-Christmas installation date, however, this is dependant on you ensuring that all invoices are paid on time and that sizes and drawings are fully approved by 28th September 2018. We cannot guarantee a pre-Christmas installation at the point of ordering, however, we will endeavour to complete your project to your prescribed building schedule in line with the deadlines and timescales above.

If you have any questions about your minimal windows or structural glass installation please just speak to your sales contact at IQ who will be happy to advise.