February 4, 2020

Options for Specifying a Modern Window System

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Strandweg 2 8806 Bäch, Hirt Metallbau

A guide to modern window systems

It can be difficult to know what to specify when a project incorporates modern window systems, particularly now that there are so many options. This guide is here to outline what the options are at IQ and where each window system would work best. All IQ window systems can be completely bespoke and each project is handled as such, tailoring our systems to suit the individual requirements.

At IQ all external window systems offered are thermally broken. This means that there is a physical thermal break within each system, constructed from a non-conductible material, stopping the metal from conducting heat between outside and inside. This makes the modern window systems energy efficient without affecting the appearance.

This infographic below shows the options IQ:


Infographic showing different window options, including aluminium, steel look and frameless windows

One of the key advantages of aluminium casement windows is the colour flexibility, this can be adapted and integrated into any modern colour scheme required. For example, this property used both dark and light coloured aluminium systems to compliment the different areas of the building.

Steel windows are often used for an artisan, high luxury style and can also be used commercially for an industrial feel. The steel Mondrian systems boast the advantage of offering specialist steel profiles with a fully tested fire rating.

An opening aluminium window within an Oriel Window. Lowether Road.Achieving the steel look with aluminium has never been easier, if you’re looking for a steel look but want to maximise recyclability and minimise maintenance, aluminium is the answer. You can read more about how environmentally friendly aluminium is here. Aluminium would be used if a property is striving to achieve a green status or a passive house is being built.

The Sieger Legacy system offers the sightlines and design of industrial steel windows with all the advantages of aluminium.

Sliding window systems can offer slimmer frames than traditional hinged windows. As well as slimmer sightlines these systems offer larger opening spaces, therefore more natural light. Our slim sliding windows are based on the same framing system as our minimal windows sliding doors. This allows architects to achieve a matching window and door system for a more cohesive glazing design.

IQ also offer completely frameless systems for fixed windows. With no frame at all, if a view is what you want this is unrivalled.

At the IQ showroom, you can see the Invisio ‘Floating Window’ system. A unique solution whereby an opening aluminium window is fixed within a structural glass window. This system can be integrated into a top corner as well as the centre of structural glass, maintaining the minimalist structural look.


Integrated Window


If you want to know more about the modern window systems offered by IQ or simply want to view the above products, make an appointment to visit the showroom.