May 18, 2023

NOW AVAILABLE The Keller NextGeneration Sliding glass door system (NGS) – as seen at BAU

Written by Rebecca Clayton

 Announcing the latest development in sliding glass door design  

The NextGeneration sliding glass door system from Keller is a completely new approach to minimal framed glazing. The glass door system, designed and developed in house by the expert team at Keller was designed in conjunction with the needs of the market.  

Each part and component of the sliding glass door has been reinvented, from the thermal breaks to the gaskets. All with the goal to create a new sliding glass door system with better performance to meet the energy needs of tomorrow, and to minimise sightlines across the board. 

  • The reinvented base options mean floor to ceiling glass with 99.3% transparency 
  • The soft open-close solution means no visible handlebars and wall to wall glass  
  • New profile designs mean sliding glass units up to 18m2, 6m tall and 1500kg per sliding pane.  
  • The patent-pending thermal break design means Uw values to meet the 2025 standards  
  • the new gasket system (to replace outdated brush seals) means silent sliding actions 


The NextGeneration Slider (NGS) is a single family of glass doors with the ability to accommodate different glass thicknesses for adaptable performance.  

With four rebated depths, the NGS is capable of holding insulated glass units from 34mm to 74mm deep, offering extreme levels of customisation from your glass specification. And sliding panels of up to 18m2 are possible in all glass types.  

In addition to this flexibility of glass design, is the drive for less frame on all junctions of the glass door.  

With the NGS Hidden, you are able to remove all visible framing at the head, base and side junctions of the sliding glass door, leaving only the interlocker in view. This reduction in framing increases the glass ratio to 99.3% transparency.  

The NGS Floor is the most robust and high performing invisible base option on the market. The floor finishes cover the track leaving just a small slot in the floor. However, the NGS does not pose the same issues with durability and longevity that some other invisible track options do. The wheels and rail are still able to be accessed for maintenance when needed.  

This base variation of the NGS also offers the stepped glass option where the glass is stepped over the base frame for a floor to ceiling flush glass design.  

NGS truly is the ‘next generation’ of sliding glass doors. The 44mm glass and 64mm glass depths are available now.


NextGeneration Slider – View 

The View variation of the NextGeneration Slider is designed to hide all surrounding framing, creating a glass door design with 99.3% transparency. All that is remaining in view is the interlockers of the glass panels.  

Glass goes floor to ceiling with no visible frame 

You also have the option for a hidden locking handle. Traditionally, the locking edge of the sliding door would be visible, slightly protruding from the wall. However, with the Hidden handle, the entire locking profile recesses into the wall, leaving only glass on show.  

To open the sliding glass door, press a small button which slides the door slightly open and out of the wall, allowing you to then hold the profile and open manually as normal. When closing, simply close the door as normal and the small drive will pull the sliding leaf fully closed and hide the handle within the wall.  


NextGeneration Slider – Floor  

The Floor variation of the NextGeneration Slider offers an ‘invisible’ base option with durability and longevity at its heart.  

The typical issue with ‘invisible’ base options is access to the rail and wheels which can cause longevity issues – especially in the UK! With the NextGeneration Floor base option, the wheels and base rail are still accessible for cleaning and maintenance (so floor finishes do not have to be ripped out whenever a leaf gets in the base!).  

For those who want floor to ceiling glass, the Floor variation also has the option to ‘step’ the glass over the edge of the frame. This creates a shear floor to ceiling glass door with the invisible base option.  



It is not just the performance and transparency that has been addressed with the NGS.  

Replace any of the sliding door interlockers with profiles of different finishes for a unique design. Switch out the aluminium profile for a timber frame or architectural bronze to create a unique sliding glass door with minimal sightlines and high performance.  

This materiality choice also comes with a range of handle options, with locking handles now available in brass, Corten and stainless steel.  



With larger glass panels comes heavier sliding units. Automation is a key aspect of most modern glass door systems, allowing architects to push the boundaries of what is possible on their projects.  

The new automation design for the NextGeneration Slider also offers the next advances in automation glass technology. The new ‘top slider’ is a unique automation option for a sliding glass door that is built into the head frame itself.  

You no longer have to mount a heavy and cumbersome motor to the internal ceiling of the building and try to find a way to hide it. The new top-slider adds just 30mm onto the height of the head frame of the glass doors and is then always accessible without removing building finishes when the sliding glass doors are open.  

With telescopic sliding, the glass doors also open and close simultaneously, offering a smoother sliding action that is quiet and seamless.  


The hidden details in the NextGeneration Slider

It is not just the things you see that set the NGS apart from the market.  

Intergrated advances like the shear free interlock mean that ultra tall sliding doors no longer suffer from the ‘bimetal effect’ which can cause issues for dark frames in the sun. The internal and external metal frames are designed to expand independently, removing the issues of frame clashing and jarring under high temperatures.  

Stop flies and bugs with the integrated roller fly screens that are built into the outer framing of the sliding door. The fly screen is on a roller within the frame and simply clips onto the sliding sash to draw it over the door opening.  

Adjustable locking positions protect floor finishes and integrated LED strip lights add a touch of brightness to any siding door design.  


Specifying the Keller NGS 

The NGS4 and NGS6 are available to order now exclusively from IQ in the UK.  

A brand new NGS6 installation is being installed within our flagship showroom in Amersham with further installations planned in coming months.  

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Keller sliding door system and will be sending out more in-depth information over the course of the next few weeks so you can all get as excited about this latest advances.  

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