July 7, 2014

Non 90 Degree Opening Corners

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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It’s not all glass boxes

Technical details of IQ's sliding glass doors opening corner Technical details of IQ's sliding glass doors opening corner

An opening corner junction on sliding glass doors is a growing design trend amongst the residential architectural sector. Here male and female meeting junctions come together to form a weather sealed and thermally broken framing section when closed and slide neatly away from the corner when the system is to open, leaving no left over supporting posts and a wide open space.

Flush floor finishes across the tracks and minimal surrounding framing help create an impressive inside-outside feel to these opening corner elements which are great for garden rooms or contemporary rear extensions.

Sliding Glass Doors opening on a corner at IQ's Showroom Sliding Glass Doors opening on a corner at IQ's Showroom

You can see an excellent example of this opening corner at our showroom in Amersham – see below for address and contact details.

But these opening corners do not have to be 90O

IQ Glass can engineer the standard meeting profiles of an opening corner to match nearly any angle needed by the architectural design.

On a recent project on Sheldon Avenue IQ Glass did just that by engineering two non-orthogonal corner meeting junctions; one at an inverted angle of 141O and one protruding angle of 118O in the centre of the elevation.

Opening corners at Sheldon Avenue Opening corners at Sheldon Avenue

This concertina effect on the front of the extension is impressively different from the standard glass box extensions that are popular in contemporary residential design. Incorporating frameless shaped glass units, differing angles and a folded solid roof definitely gives this Sheldon Avenue project a ‘wow’ factor.

IQ Glass predict that more interesting angles and shaped elements will be included on extension spaces in the future creating a wider range of design possibilities for architects and designers.

Contact IQ Glass for more information on the Sheldon Avenue project or using a non 90O corner connection on your own project

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