July 30, 2018

New in the Showroom: External Blinds

external_blinds_showroom (1)
External Blinds Showroom

As part of our yearly focus on solar control solutions for our architectural glass installations, we have recently installed the latest external blind solution to our glass office.

The external Venetian blinds provide full control over the amount of light and solar radiation that can pass through the glass units behind them. They are fully controlled via a remote control but fully integrated smart app control is a highly viable solution for building projects.

External Blind System - at the Sky House Design Centre External Blind System - at the Sky House Design Centre

Our bespoke blind system in the showroom is designed as flat slats, however, Beaded slats and dim-out slats in a number of shapes and sizes are available according to the requirements of the user.

The external blinds we offer as part of our architectural glazing packages are made to measure to ensure the solar control solution matches every individual requirement for any facade.

If you would like to experience these automated blinds for yourself please contact the team at IQ to book your personal showroom visit. The showroom is designed to offer glazing design solutions for every person within a building project team, from the architect to the builder to the homeowner. All are welcome to visit our space here and learn more about the glass specification for their project.

Other Solar Control Solutions to See at the Showroom...

The Umbris Louvre Roof

Umbris Louvre Roof - On Show at the Sky House Design Centre Umbris Louvre Roof - On Show at the Sky House Design Centre

Provides controllable solar protection to glass elevations via an external louvre roof system. The aluminium roof structure sits off the external face of the glass façade. The louvres can then be turned to provide shading to the glass or allow solar radiation in. The advantage of this solution is that the louvres can provide full solar protection whilst maintaining clear and unobstructed views out through the glass wall.

Solar Control Coatings

A super neutral solar control coating is included in every glass unit within the glass box extension to our offices. There is such a large range of coatings available, designed to give you the light transmission, appearance and solar control levels required for your project. The solar control coating to the glass at the showroom is 70/35, however, we have many hand samples showcasing alternative combinations.

Internal Blinds

The IQ Glass showroom is part of the Sky House Design Centre. Within the Design Centre, you can also see various examples of bespoke internal blinds from Grants Blinds. They have a number of automated internal blinds, paired with their specialist hidden blind box from BlindSpace. If you would like to have a meeting regarding internal blinds during your visit to the showroom please let us know and we can ensure that a representative from Grants Blinds is available to meet with you.