April 11, 2018

New Front Door Range from IQ

Written by Rebecca Clayton


IQ now offer a range of contemporary front door systems to suit our clients projects.

IQ Ingresso Door Range

It is now possible for you to complete your architectural glazing package with a high specification front door from IQ. IQ Ingresso is a new sector of the IQ Group that specialises in modern front door solutions with the same levels of quality and design that has become synonymous with the name IQ.

The IQ Ingresso Range includes ultra-modern entrance doors, glass front doors and door with a traditional design but modern performance.


Apertio Solid

This high specification entrance door is a large format pivoting door with a wide range of design options available. The door is created with a reinforced steel core which is clad in a variety of materials to suit your design.

These finishing options include ceramic, stone, marble, timber, coloured glass, metal and fabric. Each door can be up to 3m tall x 2.2m wide and is available with surrounding glass as required.

Find out more on the IQ Glass website here.

The Apertio Solid Door from the IQ Ingresso Range The Apertio Solid Door from the IQ Ingresso Range


Apertio Glass


It is now possible to achieve a high-security front door in an all glass finish. The Apertio Glass has a secure aluminium and steel frame that is filled with a large pane of security glass. These glass front doors can be up to 6m tall x 3m wide per door and offer outstanding levels of security and performance.

The all glass front door can be installed within a solid doorway or as part of a larger glass elevation design.

The all glass front door; Apertio Glass The all-glass front door; Apertio Glass


Apertio Hinged

A modern hinged front door perfect for more modest door openings but with the same level of design choice as the Apertio Solid. Available in a range of designs with vision panels and ironmongery options. Perfect for more modest door openings where high design and performance are required.

The Apertio Hinged front door from IQ The Apertio Hinged front door from IQ

The Belgravia


This is a specialist entrance door solution that allows us to create bespoke door designs to your exacting specifications. The door is designed with a reinforced steel core for enhanced levels of performance and security. The door face can then be bespoke made which allows us to create new high-security entrance doors that exactly match existing doors or neighbouring properties.

The Belgravia is, therefore, the perfect front door solution for listed buildings or properties within conservation areas.

Internally the entrance door can be finished in a completely different style if you require. This means that you can achieve the traditional design required from the door externally but still achieve a clean, minimal modern interior design.

The Apertio Solid Door from the IQ Ingresso Range The Belgravia: Create traditionally designed front doors for conservation areas with modern security PLUS modern interior finishes.


The full Ingresso Range will also include modern aluminium front doors and bespoke bronze entrance doors for commercial properties. To keep up to date with the launch of the Ingresso Range make sure you sign up to the IQ Glass newsletter here.

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