July 22, 2022

My Work Experience Week at IQ

Annual IQ Glass Charity Golf Day
My name is Lily Cloke and I have spent the past week doing work experience at IQ Glass. I have just finished Year 12, studying English, History and Psychology at A-level and needed to take on a week of work experience to help with my university applications next year.

This week has been an insightful and enjoyable experience. I spent the week working in their marketing department, from which I have gained valuable knowledge. When I arrived, I was greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere, and the team have been nothing but welcoming since then.work experience in Amersham

My week began with a tour of the Sky House – their incredible showroom and office which blew my mind! I had met some of the team previously when I had an interview, so there were some friendly faces which made my first day less intimidating. My first task was to write an In the Media post about a project which had been featured on a Houzz piece. Everyone was extremely helpful, providing templates to make things easier and sitting down with me to explain what it was I was doing.

I attended a few meetings throughout the week, which were really interesting as I was able to learn about what is important in marketing. During the meetings, they took the time to explain to me what they were discussing and why it was relevant so I could understand what was going on.

marketing work experience in AmershamThroughout the week I also wrote a press release, which I was then able to send out to journalists, which I was not expecting to do after only a few days here. Again, I wrote a case study about a historic property, which was enjoyable as I spent some time researching the history of the house and then got to write about it. This was more challenging, as I had less information about IQ’s work to follow, however everyone was so encouraging and helped me with any questions I had about it.

Towards the end of the week, I spent some time looking at the social media side of marketing, which I enjoyed as it was more visually creative. After being shown how to do everything, I created and posted some pins on Pinterest and then later also created some Instagram stories. The Pinterest work was fun as it was for IQ International, so all the posts were of tropical properties, and I was able to be quite creative with the Instagram work.

Overall, my week at IQ has been amazing. Everyone was so lovely and accommodating, taking their time to make sure I was okay and understood what I was doing and giving me exciting tasks. This week has helped improve my confidence in my writing and I have learned so much about marketing.


Lily completed her work experience during her summer holidays before starting her second year of a-levels and was a pleasure to have. If you would like to discuss work experience opportunities in the IQ marketing team, email marketing@iqglass.group