January 9, 2023

Minimal Windows Used to Create Open Corner: Killieser Avenue

Written by Michelle Martin

An open corner glazing configuration to London dwelling


An open corner configuration with minimal windows UK opens out the new living space to the garden.

A unique configuration of minimal windows sliding glass doors

An open corner with minimal windows sliding glass doors was created to maximise the connection to the garden based on the orientation of the south west facing property. This impressive Killieser Avenue glazed extension designed by CB Architects, made this unique configuration to be the showpiece focal point of this new addition.

Minimal detailing was a key element within this project, incorporating cleverly concealed elements and frameless finishing. Minimal Sliders were effectively chosen for this very reason with its slim sightlines and flush threshold detail throughout the entire system.

The first set of Minimal sliders were designed around the corner element with each panel sliding away from the corner, leaving no obstructive structural post and instead, offering a complete open corner aperture.

Adjacent to the dining room, a further set of Minimal sliders were used with each panel as sliding units to give freedom and flexibility to the motion path through the property and garden.

slim framed sliding glass doors with an open corner configuration


Each panel on both sets of Sliding units reaches 2.9m high, spanning from floor to ceiling with fantastic minimal detailing giving a discreet frameless finish.  All frameworks were finished with powder coated RAL colour 7016 with multiple two-point locking devices across the systems.

A 60mm drainage base was used beneath each run of the windows giving a continuously smooth and stable base for the large sliding units to run on.

Above the dining area, IQ designed, engineered and installed a 2.7m x 4.3m glass roof comprising of three glass panels, supported with quadruple laminated glass beams across the width of the roof.

Structural roof glazing by IQ Glass

Each glass beam is fixed with anchor bolts and brackets to the building wall. The internal building finish was brought over the fixings to give a frameless glass roof finish. Externally, the glass is back painted around the perimeters to cover all the fixings below leaving a flush glass appearance.

The glass roof was installed with a 4-degree fall for water runoff. At the end of the structural glass roof, the end panel continues across the brickwork with a 250mm back-painted edge and a 50mm stepped edge to assist any water runoff.

A second small rooflight was installed on the first floor to bring vertical light into the new space. The 1.5m square rooflight continues the theme of internal minimalisim with uninterrupted views out through its frameless leaving a clean finish.

To finish off this minimal space, recessed curtain tracks were installed along the sliding elements with hidden cavities to store the curtains in the day time. Through the centre of the room, a hidden wooden sliding panel slides away to conceal an internal cavity used to partition off the internal space when needed.

Externally, a galvanised steel pergola adds form and subtle shading to the highly glazed elevation that complete the Killieser Avenue look.

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