May 17, 2012

Is Glass Safe and Secure for your Home?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

New build house with large structural glass walls

Sliding doors, Minimal Windows, Structural glass... they are all great additions to any new build or renovation and produce stunning results. But is having a large expanse of glass an invitation into your home? Does it reduce the safety of your house and is it secure?

Feeling safe in your house is important, you want to be sure that no one can enter without your knowledge and permission. IQ Glass sliding doors in the Minimal Windows system operate with a two-point locking system allowing you to secure your doors robustly from the comfort of your home. If wanted, you can also have the added function of remote internal or external electronic locking.

Your new extension or renovation should not be seen as a weak point of the building, with high impact Glass IQ can ensure that their glazing is near impenetrable. In our double glazed units, we use a combination of toughened glass and laminated. The toughened glass on the external pane protects against most knocks and scrapes and the laminated pane on the internal section is virtually impassable.

If you decide to use IQ Glass's revolutionary Heated Glass in your home or building then you can get an added security feature by wiring up your standard intruder alarm to the window system. If the current passing through the conductive film is interrupted or broken, this automatically triggers an alarm in the integrated control panel, alerting you to an illegal attempt at entry.

Of course, the safety of the inhabitants and contents of a building is paramount. If you have any concerns one of the IQ Glass team would be happy to speak to you and address any concerns and answer any questions you may have.