December 3, 2012

IQ Glassmotion Access Rooflight

Written by Rebecca Clayton

IQ glass recently installed this siding access rooflight into a residential property in London. This electrical slider allows easy access to a roof terrace in construction and the detailed external appearance give lovely visual aesthetics when the roof terrace is in use.

The wooden panelling integrated into the automated framework integrates the glass sliding aspect into the rest of the roof design, keeping a coherent look overall. The glass is structurally bonded to the external framework to give a flush, almost frameless look to the horizontal glass panels.

Internally the framework of both the static and moving segment of the rooflight will be covered by the internal wall renders giving a frameless, moveable portal to the external world.

IQ Glass designed, manufactured, engineered this access rooflight which was then expertly installed by our in house installation and electrician teams.