November 24, 2015

How to Mix Casement Windows & Slim Framed Sliders

Written by Rebecca Clayton

architectural glazing to new build house
Sanctuary House Topsham New Build House

The slim sliding glass door systems from IQ Glass are one of the most popular architectural glazing elements that we design because they complement any architectural project. The slim 20mm framing, for example, creates impressive glass elevations with minimal interruptions to views inside or outside of the home. The flush threshold also allows for the unobstructed merging of internal and external spaces, which is imperative for modern living.

It’s easy to see why these slim framed sliding glass doors are the most popular architectural sliding door system in the UK.

When renovating a whole rear elevation, or creating a brand new home, it’s important to ensure that your upper floors and lower floor sliding glass doors work together, to create a cohesive and well put together architectural design. Keep reading to discover how this is achieved.

Using the same architectural glazier for all glazing elements is the key to achieving a consistent design. This allows the framing sections to be created in the same design and overall aesthetic, as well as enabling them to be powder coated the same RAL colour. The result is a coordinated, considered design.

Here at IQ, we have a range of options for rear opening windows to accompany the minimal sliding glass doors. One option is to use the slim framed sliding glass doors as windows themselves. On an expansive project in Surrey pictured below, the designers chose to do just that.

Internal glass balustrades have been used throughout the home to create clear, frameless bannisters for a staircase, as well as to provide a balcony style setting on the landing where the homeowners can appreciate the incredible views through aluminium slim framed windows. Using glass balustrades in these areas maximises the natural light intake; opaque products, on the other hand, could obstruct paths of light.

Another project in Buckinghamshire opted to use aluminium casement windows and doors from IQ for their opening windows on the upper floors. Here the aluminium window frames were powder-coated in the same RAL colour as the slim framed sliding glass doors on the ground floor, resulting in a cohesive design finish.

The Juliette Balcony added to the rear master bedroom utilised aluminium casement doors with a frameless glass balustrade, thus maintaining the frame design of the windows employed throughout the home.

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