February 26, 2016

How to Achieve an Industrial Design with Modern Performance

Written by Rebecca Clayton

IQ’s Mondrian® Window system recreates the traditional appearance of slim framed steel windows in an industrial loft style design, with thermally broken metal frame for an excellent thermal performance. The slim steel windows exceed all modern performance requirements meeting Building Regulations criteria and energy efficiency ratings of A+.

slim framed thermally broken steel windows IQ's External Mondrian® Windows











Mondrian® steel windows are specifically designed for the renovations and restoration of industrial glazing projects. Transoms can be applied to the design enabling a traditional aesthetic of uninsulated traditional steel windows but using modern materials, meeting all requirements for modern project whilst retaining the history and original façade.

Steel windows can be fabricated with numerous different finishes, allowing the design finish to suit the requirements and desired aesthetics. For example; Galvanised Steel,

Stainless Steel, Corten Steel and Architectural Bronze can be used to determine the finished product.

Steel Replacement Windows Used On Grand Designs To Complete The Industrial Design

IQ’s project, The Chesterfield ‘Pump House’ was presented as one of Grand Designs best TV renovations featured in February’s 2016 issue. The Pump House project saw the transformation of an abandoned water treatment plant into luxury light-filled open plan living spaces using slim framed steel windows.

Steel Replacement Windows featured at The Pump House – IQ Glass UK Steel Replacement Windows featured at The Pump House – IQ Glass UK

The steel window system available from IQ was a perfect solution to The Pump House replacement windows for the restoration project of a disused water treatment plant. Galvanised steel windows were used to provide the property with the historical steel window frames that can recall the mid 19th to mid 20th century design.

The steel windows used were fabricated from a high quality galvanised steel ensuring slim sightlines of only 47mm within a thermally broken steel system engineered with modern thermal break technology.

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