August 15, 2017

How Much Will a Glazed Extension Cost?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How to achieve a high-end architectural glazing design on a budget

While a conservatory can be a relatively inexpensive alternative to an attractive solid glass extension, a high-end architectural glass extension will almost certainly be more costly. However, dreams can be still be achieved on a budget.

Glazed extensions can make a real design statement as it’s hard to beat the wow factor of a substantially or totally glazed extension. It can bring glamour to any project and can also be used as a device to connect two or more solid parts of a house.

If your property has a good view, in need of natural light and requires more living space, then glazing is a great approach to bringing these elements into play. Using substantial areas of glass is also a way that you can build an extension to a historic building in a contrasting material that may be more subtle than something traditional.

Fees would need to include the hire of an architect or designer and structural engineer, as more technical design work will be involved. We would advise a minimum budget of £3,000 per m² for the glazing.

For a £30k budget

Green Barn | Linking old with new for a modern glass link extension | All Glazing and Installation £29,500.00 (excluding VAT)

To give their home a redesign, the owners of this barn conversion in Wiltshire called in IQ Specialist Works.

The property is located within the green belt. Due to restrictions planning permission was granted for an annexe building, the architects proceeded to create a single storey glass link extension to the house. The buildings either side of the link are of brick, timber and weatherboarding, so the glazed extension adds contemporary detail to the farm-like buildings. Wood framing ties the glazed structure to the oak details of the main property.

For a £40k budget

Turney Road | Glass extension using slim framed sliding glass doors, structural glass and frameless roof lights  
| All Glazing and Installation £40,500.00 (excluding VAT)

The family that owns this London home asked for a rear frameless glass extension with high thermal performance. A solid roof provided the extension with privacy and solar protection whilst the slim-framed sliding access doors were positioned around all sides to create a more frameless appearance, wrapping around the new extension. The glazed extension was planned as a living and seating area to the rear of the house and connecting the small garden with the living space.

For a £50k budget

No.10 | Achieve your dream glass extension in your budget | All Glazing and Installation £48,500.00 (excluding VAT)

A beautiful extension design incorporates a new kitchen and dining room facing directly onto the garden. The slim framed sliding glass doors and structural glazing floods the new space with natural light and the dream indoor-outdoor living experience. To gain that extra ceiling height fixed and frameless clerestory windows were made from structural glass and installed above the sliding glass doors.

The highly glazed extension provided an intimate new courtyard and an impressive garden dining space.

If you haven’t set your budget … 

Shenfield Mill | No Budget? Then perhaps some inspiration from a flawless glass extension in Berkshire | All Glazing and Installation £184,000.00 (excluding VAT)

This contemporary glass extension in Berkshire features a floating roof using a mixture of; slim framed sliding glass doors, structural glass and frameless roof lights. The bespoke design features a cantilevered roof design with our automated sliding glass doors opening away from a frameless corner beneath, creating the appearance of a floating corner roof design.

The sliding doors here were triple glazed for improved thermal insulation and acoustic performance. Due to the large size and ultimate weight of the doors the whole glass facade is automated, allowing the extension walls to slide back at the touch of a button.... very impressive.

More glazing inspiration can be found in our residential project gallery here >> Residential Glazing Inspiration. 

Planning permission for glass extensions

Planners like glass extensions to bridge connections between architectural styles, or to add a very dominant style to the pre-existing home. Conservation officers also like the visible difference between traditional architecture and modern glass. As long as it’s a considered extension, and not at the front of the property, then getting planning permission for your glass extension will be no different to getting planning for a regular extension.

Do keep in mind that you are likely to require an architect or designer to finalise the details of your project. Planning applications for projects with an architect are much more likely to be approved than those without.

If you want any more advice on glass extensions or what you can achieve with your glazing budget then simply make an appointment to visit the Sky House Design Centre which houses the showroom for IQ Glass and associated companies.

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