June 21, 2023

Highline: An Innovative Glass Facade System

Written by Rebecca Clayton

The minimal windows® Highline is the perfect glass facade system for residential projects

An Overview

The innovative glass façade system by minimal windows combines aesthetics with extraordinary performance features, The structural glazing system creates vast opportunities to combine fixed and opening solutions while keeping the framing minimal.  

The minimal windows Highline façade is fully insulated with concealed aluminium frame profiles including thermal breaks which is ideal for minimal sightlines while also creating opportunities for oversized glass panels.  

With options for different types of profile connections based on alternative joining solutions, the glass façade can be combined with slim framed sliding doors to create the perfect glazing solution for luxury residential properties.

Minimal Windows Highline Specification

The minimal windows highline solution creates vast sweeping views with concealed framing for a complexly unobstructed view, these limitless façade systems can reach up to 18m2 in dimension. The slender glass façade system creates opportunities for minimalist architecture and can support larger pane sizes that can span across the horizontal and vertical planes. The system would be best applied in projects where maximum glazing height is required. 

The stability of the façade system has been tested under extreme wind loads with a nominal load of 2,000 Pa (approx. 200 km/h) and a peak load of 3,000 Pa (approx. 250 km/h; with brief gusts of wind) in accordance with EN12210 and the classification C5. 

Combing outstanding performance featured with such large capabilities offers architects high thermal performance, air permeability and more, without having to compromise on a modern and minimal design. 

The minimal windows Highline solution can be distinguished in four different ways; 

Type 1 - Glass-To-Glass 

Type 2 - Semi-SG 

Type 3 - Cover-Cap-Look 

Highline 4+ 

Three varying types of connections are available, as we understand that each project has its own set of requirements. All variations are designed as a flush surface glass façade but with two tracks, allowing for the option to incorporate a sliding pane into the facade design. 

Almost no limitation on size, a variety of connection options to choose from and the ability to integrate different technical glazing solutions for a truly bespoke facade system; Depending on the design variant this system can have completely concealed profiles with only slim SG bonding visible between the panes, or up to a 34mm profile when opting for a cover-cap-look.

Benefits of a Glass Facade System

Panoramic views 

The concealed framing of the minimal windows highline system guarantees unobstructed views, based on type one variant, the glass-to-glass connection creates no obstruction of views; with extensive maximum sizes the large, fixed element is directly bonded without exterior aluminium profiles, The only visible element is the 10mm silicone butt joint.  

Vast size capabilities

The minimal window highline solution creates an opportunity for double-height structural glazing installations, a huge benefit of using the highline system is that due to the frameless nature of the glass it embodies the minimal architectural style. This type of glazing is popular for use in windows by stairwells to bring natural light into an area that can suffer from darkness.

Contemporary Houses With Glass Facades

Villa Glasscube 

Villa Glasscube blends ideally into the local peace and quiet of the environment and thrives on the principle "less is more". Concentrated on its function, the building focuses on essentials and represents a clear and abstract architecture. The quiet location and the unique design of the modern, yet natural property form an enchanting harmony. 

The north and south sides of the property were each designed as an all-glass minimal window highline facades that extend over the entire length of the building. The slender minimal windows® and designed sliding windows and doors make a wonderful contrast to the primal concrete building structure. 

Villa Marbella

This incredible villa in the heart of Marbella, Spain features minimal windows highline floor-to-ceiling glass façade designs on two of the four elevations. The two-story villa uses pale concrete and slim aluminium-framed glazing to create a stunning fully glazed design, with a glass-edged swimming pool in the private garden. 

The glass walls feature minimal windows sliding door systems, creating an oversized glazing look with a high glass-to-frame ratio. With sliding glass doors connecting to highline façade systems form the walls of many rooms within the villa, the occupants can access the large outdoor area from almost anywhere in the villa and have the option to enhance the ventilation on warmer days.