January 5, 2022

Glazing Trends In 2022

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Luxury American home sliding glass facades

Key architectural glazing trends to look out for this year.  

Now that 2022 is here, our team of glazing experts have been putting together a list of trends to watch out for over the next year. There are a number of glazing trends we’ve seen before, as well as some new and exciting trends that are sure to spark some interest when implemented in the architectural glazing landscape. Keep reading for our advice and opinions on this years predicted glazing trends.  


slim sliding doors used to maximise natural light

Biophilic Design 

Although this is not a new trend, biophilic design is set to continue as a focus for luxury new build and extension projects. 

Capitalizing on surrounding views and daylight is just one way to do this with your glazing choices, as well as incorporating internal glazing elements to allow light and views to travel through the home.  

Frameless structural glazing is perfect for allowing the maximum amount of natural light in, with no visible fixing or finishing details allowing the outside views to be the primary focus. Entire walls of glass are perfect for enjoying an indoor-outdoor style of living, with interior trends relying largely on natural light.  


Floor To Ceiling Windows luxury new build home with slim framed sliding glass doors

Having spent the last two years spending more time indoors than ever before, homeowners are seeking a way to enjoy the outside from within the home. Floor to ceiling windows are one way to do this, playing on the biophilic design trend. In 2022, floor to ceiling windows will be particularly popular in kitchen designs, flooding the space with natural light.  

As well as floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass door systems can be used to create moving walls of oversized glass. Slim framed sliding glass doors are well suited to contemporary kitchen designs, improving the light and ventilation.  


frameless glass walls with sliding elements

Structural Glass  

Structural glazing is characterized by its minimal design and flexible nature, but this year architects and specifiers will move towards using glass as a structural element within buildings.

Glass is now used as a key structural element of a building envelope, with oversized glazing allowing residential designs to incorporate large elevations of minimally designed glazing even in curved and triple glazed panes.

Invisio, our frameless structural glazing system is designed with this in mind. The frameless structural glazing system can be specified on a large scale, achieving modern performance values without compromising on structural support and a fully glazed design. The system has been tested in various scenarios to ensure its suitability and durability for use in a range of applications, including as a structural element within highly glazed new build homes.  


slim framed bifold and aluminium casement windows with thermally broken framesEnergy Efficiency & Increased Performances 

The Future Homes Standard has outlined changes to Part L and Part F of building regulations, moving to more energy efficient performances for new build dwellings. This means that better Uw values will need to be achieved when installing glazing systems, futureproofing these homes to ensure they surpass regulations for many years to come.  

Many of our glazing systems surpass the requirements set by building regulations, however, triple glazing is a good option for enhancing the thermal performance even more. With many of our systems able to achieve a Uw value better than 1.0W/m2K with triple glazing, IQ always consider the future of the installations at the specification stage of a project.   


Solar Control frameless glass walls with solar control glazing

As oversized glazing grows in popularity, the UK’s temperature is rising and therefore there will be more demand for solar control. This should be taken into consideration at the earliest stage of a project, to ensure the correct glass specification is included. Using solar control coatings will protect the furniture and interior design from any sun damage, as well as eliminate the risk of overheating.  

Highly glazed spaces with oversized glazing elements should be specified with solar control glass, particularly for south facing orientations, to create comfortable living environments that can be used all year round.  


bespoke patio doors with slim green steel frames

Bright Coloured Frames 

Blue Skies™, an airy fresh blue tone, has been named the Dulux colour of 2022 due to the overwhelming opinion that homeowners want to include a bit of colour within the home. To brighten up a minimal design, consider opting for different coloured profiles. Pairing neutral colour palettes with a bright colour created accents of colour that spark joy within the home. 

The all-white minimal look is on its way out, with more people opting for splashes of colour or a more neutral colour palette. Our metal framed glazing systems can be finished with a polyester powder coating in any RAL colour, as well as the option for more bespoke and specialised finishes. 

Consider specifying a dual colour finish for external window and door systems, to accentuate the interior design without altering the exterior design. For all internal glazing elements, bright coloured frames can be chosen to add character and enhance the surrounding interior design.  


glass canopy for weather protection with a minimal design

Garden Trend: Glass Canopies  

Glass canopies or verandas have become a sought-after addition to garden designs, creating outdoor entertainment areas and allowing outdoor spaces to be enjoyed come rain or shine.

Structural glazing can be used to create the most minimal glass canopies, delivering clear sky views whilst protecting the occupants from the elements.  

Oversized panes of structural glazing can be used to create a canopy design on a large scale, with a frameless design for the most minimal approach. Glass beams and fins can be used where additional support is required, to maintain a full glass design.  


To speak to a member of the team about incorporating these trends in your next project, call us on 01494722880. The team are excited to take on new and exciting projects in 2022, realizing the latest architectural designs.