November 12, 2013

Glass Trends: Glass Entrances

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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IQ Glass have long been at the forefront of glass technology and finally the trends in architecture and design are finally catching up with what glass can achieve. This series of blogs IQ will be looking at architecture in the media to see what the current trends are and how these impressive glass designs can be used on your project.

2.  Glass in Entrance Ways

Fairstead: Single Glazed Glass Entrance

The entrance to a building is the first impression that many get of the style, design and feel of a building yet is generally a largely overlooked element of design.

Commercial buildings have used glass in their entranceways for years to grab user attention and create a prominent face to the building such as IQ’s projects Tower Vaults, Wimpole Street and Blenheim Palace

IQ Glass’s project ‘Edge House’ was recently featured in Sarah Beeny’s Channel 4 program; Double You House for Half the Money. The image of the glass link and entrance way was used to show the effect that glass can create on these elements of a build. Sarah went on to advise the couple who were building their dream home to use as much glass as possible in their entrance way to create a dramatic and statement entrance.

Edge House: Glass Entrance Featured on Double Your House for Half the Money

At Fairstead IQ constructed this glass entrance way to the external games room, incorporating single glazed, frameless glass with traditional timber and metals for a striking first impression.

Using glass in an entrance way can be as elaborate as a double height glass façade, a glass bridge to a front door or as minimal as a glass canopy.

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